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SE Service Harrier BMW
One of the most controversial European custom shops is Sweden’s SE Service, run by Stellan Egeland. The latest SE motorcycle is the Harrier, a radical BMW-powered machine that Egeland is promoting as the first in a new line of ‘modern customs’. The Harrier reminds us a little of Bimota’s Tesi series, and took second prize last month at the 2009 European Championship Of Custom Bike Building—as much for its advanced engineering as its looks. Apart from the obvious steering hub, the front brakes are six-piston monoblocs and the bike is also packing switchable ABS. The Swedish site Fastbike has a report on the Harrier’s unveiling, plus videos of its creation.

  • Phil

    That is one sexy piece of machine. I’d go for one of those if they where anywhere neer affordable prices.

  • Ben

    Anyone have any ideas about how something like this would handle? Looks beautiful, if a little unweildy.

  • i love this machine :)

  • Looks sweet from this angle. Too bad it is not single sided to match the rear.

    I’m sure keeping all that weight low is good, but with the pivot point on the suspension so low … probably doesn’t handle too well. Nice alternative for the cruiser crowd.

  • Peter

    Stellan has developed it on Gellerasen Racetrack a few weeks ago. testing what angles work best etc. He managed to scrape the cylinder heads so i guess it handles…

  • Euan

    Leading arm suspension, this will be interesting to see how it behaves under heavy front braking. A very interesting front steering system, really hard to tell what the steering geometry is. I think this design will actually work.

  • YJH

    so far, just my favorite machine ever_thank you Stellan