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Ducati 900SS custom by Atom Bomb.

Ducati 900SS custom by Atom Bomb

With the new-wave custom scene continually evolving and diversifying, it’s becoming progressively more difficult to classify custom motorcycles. Even the mere mention of the term “café racer” is enough to send purists into a frenzy these days. It gets even more complicated when the donors are ’90s-model Ducatis—an emerging trend that we’re loving. Who better…

Ducati 900SS custom: Petardo by El Solitario

Ducati 900SS by El Solitario

When a Ducati 900SS rolls into a workshop for a big-budget overhaul, it usually leaves a few weeks later looking just like it did when it rolled off the production line in the 90s. But not this one: only the most eagle-eyed Ducatistas would recognize it, with the engine cases being the giveaway. The builders…