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Nifty Two-Fifty: Hookie Co.'s Honda CB250 cafe racer

Nifty Two-Fifty: Hookie Co.’s Honda CB250 cafe racer

It’s more fun to ride a small bike on the limit than a brute at half throttle. That’s the theory, anyway—and it’s hard to argue when the small bike is this good. You’re looking at Hookie Co.’s latest release: a steezy Honda CB250 cafe racer with tight proportions. The young, Dresden-based crew of Nico, Cristoph…

Kerkus reworks the Honda CX500

How to rework the CX500 without an angle grinder

For better or worse, some mods have become commonplace. Air boxes get removed, smaller batteries get installed, and subframes are almost always redesigned. Especially when you’re dealing with the Honda CX500. No one ever accused the CX500 of being pretty, and it’s the awkward flow of its rear end that carries most of the blame.…

Monster mash: Christian Klein’s wild Honda CB900

Monster mash: Christian Klein’s wild Honda CB900

It’s getting harder and harder to categorize custom bikes. We all know a traditional cafe racer when we see one, but these days we’re just as likely to stumble across a ‘cafe’ bike with dual sport tires. Or a bobber with clip-ons and racing rubber. Some mash-ups hit the mark, and some don’t. This is…