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Ducati Monster 1100

JvB-Moto Ducati Monster 1100

Ten years ago, Ducati caused a flurry of interest in the custom world with its International Design Contest. The winner was an unknown young German designer called Jens vom Brauck, with a stunning concept called ‘Flat Red.’ Jens then built Flat Red for real, and the bike launched his company JvB-Moto onto the European custom…

Ducati Pantah

JvB-moto Ducati Pantah

It’s always fascinating to see the personal rides of well-known custom motorcycle builders. Rough Crafts’ Winston Yeh, for example, rides a tiny PGO 125cc scooter. This Ducati Pantah belongs to JvB-moto‘s Jens vom Brauck, and prowls the roads around Cologne in Germany.

JvB-MOTO Ducati Scrambler

The latest project from Cologne-based designer Jens vom Brauck is the minimalistic Scrambler, based on the Ducati Monster 1000ie. Carbon-fibre and kevlar…