The new Icon 1000 Collection
Custom Yamaha VMAX built by JvB-moto of Germany.

Maxed Out: Yamaha’s Yard Built VMAX custom

The mighty V-Max is thirty years old this year. And it’s still making the news—for both the right and the wrong reasons. Its creator, Kenji Ekuan of GK Design, died a few days ago. Ekuan isn’t as well known as European designers such as Massimo Tamburini or Miguel Galluzzi, but he should be. His portfolio…

Ducati Monster 1100

JvB-Moto Ducati Monster 1100

Ten years ago, Ducati caused a flurry of interest in the custom world with its International Design Contest. The winner was an unknown young German designer called Jens vom Brauck, with a stunning concept called ‘Flat Red.’ Jens then built Flat Red for real, and the bike launched his company JvB-Moto onto the European custom…

Ducati Pantah

JvB-moto Ducati Pantah

It’s always fascinating to see the personal rides of well-known custom motorcycle builders. Rough Crafts’ Winston Yeh, for example, rides a tiny PGO 125cc scooter. This Ducati Pantah belongs to JvB-moto‘s Jens vom Brauck, and prowls the roads around Cologne in Germany.

Triumph Scrambler custom

Triumph Scrambler by JvB-moto

If you were taken with the Triumph Tridays “Rumbler”—and it was one of the most popular bikes we’ve shown so far this year—then this is the bike for you. Cologne-based JvB-moto has remodeled the Rumbler for small-scale production, priced it at 15,000 euros (around $18,500) and called it “Dirty Deeds”. And they’ve done good.

JvB-MOTO SR500 D-Track

Jens vom Brauck and Kedo, the German tuning and parts specialists, have taken an everyday Yamaha SR500 and gone back to the roots. The bike…

JvB-MOTO Single Hot Rod

By guest writer Scott of Pipeburn. A while ago Chris posted Flat Red and I think it’s time to do the prequel (especially with prequels…

JvB-MOTO Ducati Flat Red

Six months ago, we were awestruck by Jens vom Brauck’s minimalistic Ducati Scrambler custom. But the other day, a comment on twitter reminded us of…

JvB-MOTO Ducati Scrambler

The latest project from Cologne-based designer Jens vom Brauck is the minimalistic Scrambler, based on the Ducati Monster 1000ie. Carbon-fibre and kevlar parts keep the…