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Auto Fabrica’s SR500 is a design masterpiece

Sexy AF: Auto Fabrica’s SR500 is a design masterpiece

The Yamaha SR series is the two-wheeled equivalent of modeling clay. For decades, bike builders have been pushing and pulling the SR in all directions—from race track to dirt track, and all points in between. The Japanese are masters of this craft, with SR400s and SR500s helping companies like BratStyle build their reputation. But in…

Low Tracker: A custom Yamaha Virago from Ad Hoc Cafe Racers of Spain

Low Tracker: Ad Hoc’s Yamaha Virago bucks the trend


Think of a custom Yamaha Virago, and you’ll probably picture a sleek, waspish build from Greg Hageman or Moto Adonis. The seats are stubby and the stance distinctly lean-forward: The epitome of the 21st century café racer. David González of Spain’s Ad Hoc Café Racers has different ideas, though. His builds are usually chunky and…

Fresh out the Macco Motors workshop in Spanish city of Málaga, Spain—a beautifully revamped Yamaha XSR700.

Gold Standard: An upgraded XSR700 from Macco Motors


Most conversations about the Yamaha XSR700 revolve around its aesthetics. Many pundits can’t get along with its looks—but will still admit there’s a damn fine motorcycle hiding underneath it all. The 689cc inline twin is smooth and punchy, and it’s light on its feet. Plus it responds really well to customization; we were originally raked…