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Schnaller Greymouth Thruxton

Here’s a sweet-looking machine for a weekend ride. The Austrian motorcycle dealer Jürgen Schnaller has taken a stock Triumph Thruxton and fitted a café racer body kit from Airtech Streamlining—creating what he calls the ‘Greymouth Thruxton’.

The Airtech kit includes a Triton-style tank and seat, a Lucas taillight, a bobbed front fender and a Manx-style flyscreen. On the mechanical front, Schnaller has fitted the 865 cc Thruxton motor with high compression pistons, high lift cams, and a ported and polished head. The carbs are upgraded to flat side Keihins, with a Swedish Raask exhaust giving even more of a performance kick.

The result is a reported 26 bhp increase over the stock bike’s somewhat anaemic 68 bhp, and the front and rear suspension has been upgraded with Wilbers components to cope. If you followed motorsport in the 70s and early 80s, you’ll recognise the livery: it’s a John Player Special design, as used by the Lotus Formula One team. JPS was also one of the first major brands to sponsor a motorcycle racing team, but not Triumph: it bankrolled Norton’s Formula 750 bikes from 1972 to 1974, although not in these colors.

Even though the choice of paint scheme may be a little strange, the result is even more attractive than the stock Thruxton—don’t you think?


  • Tin Man 2

    From what I can see of it, the Bike looks nice. However I wish the builders would focus more on the art of the build, instead of the arty pictures that conceal the details in the name of mood. Turn out the lights and even I look good!!

  • Ken Dibnah

    I think the pipes are certainly different – they must have been requested by someone whose knees get cold when he rides?

  • evilgiles

    I want one…