Remix: Tamarit’s best designs in one Thruxton café racer

Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit
Tamarit Motorcycles has enough parts in its catalog to transform a stock Triumph Thruxton into a passable café racer, with minimal fuss. But the Spanish workshop doesn’t just produce swish aftermarket parts. They also build an inordinate amount of custom Triumph modern classics each year—some of which require a more complex approach than their numerous plug-and-play options offer.

This alluring Triumph Thruxton café racer is Tamarit’s latest one-off special. It might feel strangely familiar to regular Bike EXIF readers, because it echoes some of the shop’s best builds. Tamarit’s client had referenced their ‘Jade,’ ‘Helios,’ and ‘Gullwing’ café racers as his favorites, so the team’s challenge was to cherry-pick the best elements from each and remix them to create something fresh.

Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit
Tamarit used a carbureted Triumph Thruxton 900 as a base for the project, but the only recognizable parts left are the fuel tank and engine—and even those have been fettled.

Much work went into getting the Thruxton’s stance and proportions just right, which meant changes to the frame, suspension, and wheels. Tamarit lowered the Thruxton’s front forks, and installed their spring-style upper fork ‘shrouds.’ CNC-machined yokes hold the forks in place, with an abbreviated fender sitting lower down.

Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit
Out back, the Thruxton has shed its traditional twin-shock suspension for Tamarit’s tried-and-true mono-shock arrangement. The mods include a swingarm extension and significant bracing on the frame. The center-aligned rear shock attaches to the main frame via a pair of plates that do double duty as a subframe.

Tamarit stuck with the Thruxton’s OEM 18” front wheel, but laced up a 16” rim for the back. The brake discs and calipers are from Beringer, and the tires are vintage treads from Shinko.

Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit
Moving to the bodywork, Tamarit took cues from their previous project, Jade, to sculpt a fiberglass fairing and belly pan. A web-like bracket secures the fairing, while the LED-equipped headlight from a newer Thruxton sits up front. The bespoke windscreen and nose cone add a neat vintage touch.

Lower down, the belly pan wraps around the Triumph’s motor with debossed sections that trace its engine covers. It’s an elegant part, complete with mesh-backed louvers to help with airflow.

Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit
The rider’s side of the fairing is even more intriguing. Tamarit designed the piece with an integrated dashboard that also houses a Motogadget speedo. The cockpit also features new clip-ons, Kustom Tech levers, and Motogadget switches, turn signals, and mirrors.

Under the hood, Tamarit rewired the whole bike around a Motogadget control unit. The battery now sits in a custom-made box, tucked away just below the swingarm pivot.

Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit
For the tail section, Tamarit recreated the design from their Gullwing build, but with a more compact form factor. It’s blended into the fuel tank at the front, to create the effect of a monocoque body. The seat’s covered in marine-grade vinyl with contrasting red stitching.

A matching strip of material runs over the top of the fuel tank, held in place by a chrome-plated tank ‘strap.’ Out back, a pair of LED taillights have been deeply recessed into the tail, flanking a custom-made plaque bearing the bike’s nickname, ‘Thunderbird 1.’

Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit
Finally, Tamarit used their Helios café racer as a template for the exhaust. Twin headers run alongside the engine, before kicking upwards and exiting under the seat with slash-cut, mesh-covered tips. Handmade brass grills keep the rider’s legs from toasting.

The finishing touches are subtle, yet effective. The airbox has been traded for a pair of K&N pod filters, and the oil cooler has been replaced by an integrated design that utilizes the frame’s downtubes. A Joker Machine ignition relocation bracket moves the key to the right side of the bike.

Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit
A sophisticated red and silver paint job drapes itself over Tamarit’s Thruxton, executed with a metallic finish and accentuated by subtle gold striping. The colors are a nod to classic Triumph liveries, as is the tank design. The bodywork is complemented by a judicious mix of chromed, nickel-plated, and brass parts.

This elegant Thruxton café racer not only stands as a tribute to the bikes that came before it, but it’s also a testament to the evolution of Tamarit’s style.

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Triumph Thruxton café racer by Tamarit

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