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Salt Ghost

Triumph Bonneville custom motorcycle: Salt Ghost
Sometimes it’s the rattiest-looking bikes that are the most interesting. And this machine, known as the ‘Salt Ghost’, is a classic example. It’s owned by Wes White of Four Aces and Tyler Malinky of Lowbrow Customs, and it’s got history by the bucketload. Salt Ghost has been racing at the El Mirage dry lake since the 60s, and like many successful racers, it’s a real mongrel in the parts department. The engine is from 1961 Bonneville, and the chassis is a 1948 Triumph rigid. Even the motor itself is a hybrid, with a nine-bolt head on a 650 barrel, and Harmon & Collins roller tappets. According to the excellent profile on Chop Cult, “The cams have yet to be identified, but they have serious lift—enough for the valves to require .008” and .010” clearances when stock was .002” and .004”.” Heavy-duty fueling comes from two Amal GP carburetors—with no idle circuits, so the motor will die unless revved constantly. The oil tank holds just enough to keep that engine alive for a short blast, and to top it all off, the fuel tank is a rare 1957 Tiger 100R/R item, complete with original paint. it might look like trash to the casual bystander, but this bike is all class. Head over to Chop Cult for the full story. [Thanks to Tyler Malinky.]

Triumph Bonneville custom motorcycle: Salt Ghost
Triumph Bonneville custom motorcycle: Salt Ghost

  • I am in love.

  • Dafunk’s Garage

    Just amazing, a real race bike

  • WOW!! Love it. Great find Chris.

  • magnifique… la moto à l’état brut

  • Justin

    amazing, beautiful patina on there to.

  • Mmm. It’s me or it has no brakes at all?

    A little restoration work would be nice. At least to remove the rust.

  • The Phantom

    Beautiful. A hint of boardtracker in there.

  • @ Kumo:

    Brakes on a salt racer is like locks on a convertible.
    And as far as shinying it up, that could be disastrous – that’s load-bearing rust!

    Remarkable bit of living history. The coins patching the tank are great.
    I’d love to see it in action, the rider’s position can’t be very comfortable, but I’d bet the fun of tearing up the salt on such a remarkable machine would ease the pain. Adrenaline is a great analgesic. :)

  • redrumracer

    i bet that thing’s got a story or two to tell. love it!

    kumo – dem brakes be on the left hand side on the rear of ol’ trumpies! gotta have something to slow you down a little when you run out of salt

  • David Enfield

    Brings back winding down the steering damper on an old rattlesnake with a Rickman swinging arm conversion . “Salt Ghost” , run forever .

  • This thing must be hunted by retro-fans. I bet that many of my friends will sell their souls to Devil for having this thing.

  • Wes hope you’re gonna push it strong on the Lake