XS650 Eight Ball Boy

Yamaha XS650 street tracker by Filippo Barbacane
You can always rely upon prolific Italian builder Filippo Barbacane to come up with something different. The latest creation from his Officine Rosso Puro stable is ‘Eight Ball Boy’ a high-ridin’ street tracker based on the Yamaha XS650. (The stance reminds me of House Rockers’ CB750 customs: are we seeing a trend here?) The bike is full of parts from the RossoPuro sub-brand, including the swingarm, triple trees, wheels and brake rotors. The 50hp motor is stock, but the frame has been modified and Paioli 45mm forks fitted. Check that rear suspension too, with a very unusual tandem shock set-up. All the bodywork is custom-made, from the tank to the fenders, and Barbacane has created new foot controls too. Congratulations to owner Antonio Di Battista—he’s got himself a unique-looking machine that’ll be a blast to ride. [Via Mulligan Machine.]

Yamaha XS650 street tracker by Filippo Barbacane
Yamaha XS650 street tracker by Filippo Barbacane

  • Joe

    I like the look.

    Except, the chain tension doesn’t look so great.

  • mes

    the chain laying on the swingarm and the high stance might be related, it looks like it might sag down to a normal height and chain tension with a rider.

  • mes

    the chain laying on the swingarm and the high stance might be related, it looks like it might sag down to a normal height and chain tension with a rider. The rear sprocket looks awfully small for an XS650 too.

  • johnrdupree

    This thing has Monkey Bike proportions, which is fine. For a Monkey Bike.

  • RobL

    Wow. The term used to be “sano”. Really clean.

    Any idea of weight? The Mulligan Machine page is scant on info.

  • joe momma

    …not monkey bike…..mini bike…..the proportions as they hit me first impression was like the mini bikes out in the shed…..

  • chester pootananny

    Just perfect. Looks like it’d be a blast to ride.
    Perfectly proportioned, not a single element out of place.
    The Europeans and Japanese builders are lightyears ahead of the Americans.

  • Duncan Domingue

    I love this bike! It looks like a blast to ride.

    Does anyone else think the tank-seat-tail combo looks like a bug?

  • Kinda looks like a protos probe from starcraft. Yes it is a bit bug like.

  • Emmet

    I like the tandem rear suspension, and that subframe is unique.

  • I’d have to agree, it does look like a big boys mini bike, proportion wise, also red frames were cool when I were a kid, grown up a bit since. Guess at the end of the day, everyone has different tastes, as long as the owner is happy :)

  • clumzoid

    LOVE IT!

  • willow

    this bike would be kinda like humpin a fat chick, might be fun while ya riding it, but you wouldnt want ya friends to see you on it.

  • like it willow

  • The_Scrote_From_Lanzarote

    Am I the only one that gets completely turned off by the saddle looking like a black maggot?
    It looks like a mail-order item from the Ritmo Sereno shop.

  • Shawn

    Sorry, no go here.
    The parts are there but its got no proportion. Different does not always mean good.

  • brandon

    I think the proportions are there, but the red frame commands so much attention it makes everything seem disproportionate in size. I wish I was good enough at Photoshop to hack together a black-framed version to back my assertions :o)

  • RobL

    I disagree about the frame color; it’s part of the design. The bike isn’t just the metal, it’s the colors chosen. To me, the red frame is a sporty accent that separates it from the endless list of all-black bikes.

    Here it is with a black frame:

  • Andy

    I agree with the mini-bike looks…the seat seems to blend with the tank, the frame gets as much attention as the engine, and the tires are certainly “chunky” enough. if the headlight was 18″ around, it would complete the picture. I love it. Everyone loves a mini.