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CRD #4: Yamaha SR250

Yamaha SR250
When I was a lad growing up in England, 500cc was considered a ‘big’ motorcycle. Machines such as the Honda CB750 and Kawasaki Zeds were considered behemoths. But my, how times have changed. The old ‘standard’ 250 is now almost forgotten in the USA and Europe, although it’s the staple diet of the huge Asian markets. So I’m pleased to see that the latest bike from Spanish builder Café Racer Dreams is a stripped-down 1983 Yamaha SR250. Mechanically, it’s as simple as they come: a bulletproof, aircooled 239cc single, uprated with a Mikuni carb and a custom reverse-cone exhaust system built in-house. Aluminum wheels are shod with period-style Firestone tires, and the look of the bike has been transformed with new paint, new fenders and a new seat unit. The electrics were simplified and reinstalled, along with Renthal Ultra Low bars, a custom headlight and custom switchgear and footpegs. The result is the perfect city bike—light, agile and stylish, and guaranteed to start every time, on the button.

Yamaha SR250
Yamaha SR250
Yamaha SR250
Yamaha SR250

  • I love these thin-saddled bikes. And the paint job’s brilliant.

  • Taevans64

    I don’t know how you do it! Another day, another beautiful motorcycle. Thanks

  • Backhome77

    These type of thumpers have been popular in Japan for years. I’m glad to see them catching on elsewhere. They look hella fun!

  • JL

    A little grat bike. Enjoy Juliana!

  • It may not be big, but that’s a rider! Packs more spirit than a bike 5 times it’s size.

    Chris, keep posting the bikes that speak to you. As a motorcyclist yourself, the things that inspire you inspire other riders as well. Worrying too much about what other’s want is an almost impossible task and really infringes on the purity of your own style, which is what drew everyone here in the first place.

  • charles

    This sure is a cute little bike, except for those silly, trendy tires. Calling those period to anything but a 50s Harley is pretty silly as well.

  • Joshasaurus

    I love the front blinker placement. Great bike.

  • T_bloss

    I learned to ride many years ago on an SR250 ‘Exciter’. I have the opportunity to buy one in decent shape. I may have to pull the trigger now… :0)

  • elven

    Very nice bike!
    250’s are far from forgotten in Spain, they are a commuter staple with nice little bikes like the Honda vtr250 just waiting to be stripped and customised.

    • Kumo

      You should check the spanish VTR250 forum. Some people there has began to customize their bikes.

      All paints is new, but the rim’s paint, at least in the pic, looks old. The red filter, what is it used for?

      • PeteP

        Actually, the rims look like thery painted the original chrome steel hoops. The red filter is for the crankcase breather. it used to connect to the now non-existent airbox.

  • PeteP

    Where did they hide the battery?

  • PeteP

    Bwahaha! The name of this bike is “Just4girls”! See their website!

  • MH-AML

    Yeah, where is the battery..??

    • In an aluminum box down by the swingarm, I think.


    I could totally see doing something like this for the wife. She would love that little cloud too. Too bad she can’t balance a brick.

  • Juls

    It’s named “Just for girls” cause was made for a girl, in fact, I think this small bike is perfect for them, it’s very cute!!!!. The best bike for a stylish and beautiful girl
    Love it!!
    By the way, I am the owner, so don’t be so cruel!! (lol)

  • SuntGarage

    Beautiful !!! Perfect for girls and for everyone who wants a beautiful motorcycle to use everyday. Congratulations to the builders !!!

  • I Bendito

    This bike is fantastic. Nice, clean, stylish… A very interesting exercise of good taste. And from Spain, where is not usual to find this kinda projects. Congratulations to Cafe Racer Dreams. They are great.

  • Doc M

    Neat bike. The seat looks a bit painful, but you could probably get used to it when gas hits $5 a gallon this summer!

    • elven

      In Spain, the cost is €1,25 / litre, about $6.50/ US gallon. In most of Western Europe it is more expensive…….

      • Spurdog1

        In England it works out about $8 per gallon at the moment. No wonder we all drive little cars eh?

  • Lew

    Very cute, although after the photo shoot, I’d be taking her to have some modern tires put on and she’ll be leaning over like she was on rails.

    • elven

      Same here, I will never understand why people don’t fit the best/most appropriate rubber for their bikes.

    • Bonnefication

      I don’t think you are getting the concept of the bike. If you change the tyres it might handle better, but you lose the style… lose the style not point in the bike

  • The bike is just COOL! And is not easy to achieve this balance parting from a sort of wannabe 250 chopper as the original donor was meant to be. Well done guys just managed to nail it again!

  • Guest

    What exactly is “silly” about the tires? Anyway I believe this machine is what the kids call a monkey bike.

  • Bonnefication

    Really nice looking bike – They have done a Triumph Bonneville which is really disapointing.
    Going for the thin seat on the scram!

  • bloibl