Yuri Shif Custom

DUster custom Ducati by Yuri Shif Custom
Belarus is a European country—pop. 9.85m—that most folks would have difficulty finding on a map. (It’s on the western border of Russia.) It’s not a place you’d expect to find a top-flight custom motorcycle designer, but a Belarusian machine won the Best Streetfighter trophy at the last Custombike show in Germany. And that same bike has just won the Best International Builder award at the Verona expo in Italy.

The bike is called DUster and it’s from YSC, a name to look out for in the future. Owner Yuri Shif has created a very original look—baroque is the word that springs to my mind—using a Ducati Monster engine and transmission. The frame, bodywork and swingarm suspension are Shif’s own creations and the front fork is a modified Showa item. Custom perimeter brakes give the wheels a clean profile. It’s to Shif’s huge credit that he has achieved success in a country without a mainstream custom culture, and without a huge network of parts designers and suppliers. DUster will no doubt be heading Stateside soon: what kind of reception do you think the radical styling will get?

Check the Bike EXIF Facebook page for more just-released studio shots of DUster.

  • kim scholer

    Belarus is also known as White Russia. Still I’d guess most visitors to this site will be rather more familiar with the drink ‘White Russian’, favourite of The Dude in ‘The Big Lebowski’:

    5 cl Vodka
    2 cl Coffee liqueur
    3 cl Part fresh cream

    Pour coffee liqueur and vodka directly into old fashioned glass filled with ice. Float fresh cream on the top and stir in slowly.


  • kim scholer

    Hmm, almost forgot the was a motorcycle mentioned too. Funky styling which reminds me of the 1980s, but at least the white/gold engine looks gorgeous. It’s kind of strange that so few custom builders use Ducati engines, considering their relatively low price, narrow profile, power (ranging from ‘enough’ to ‘should’ve worn brown pants’) and general good looks.

  • That’s hot.

  • Tin Man 2

    Great looking design, We need more builds like this to provide fresh Inspiration.

  • WRXr

    Now THAT is original!!!

  • I can’t say enough about how much I like this bike. It’s just so different and looks really expensive. Awesome! And the fact that he’s from Belarus… Well that just means I need to add Belarus to my list of places I want to go!

  • T-Bone

    For me, white is not the new black. Looks awfully “eighties” to me, when everyone had white wheels…

  • VERY interesting… Lots of little details in it, and attention to detail is amazing. Aside from the monochromatic white, very fresh look…

  • Woody

    Not a fan of the wheel design, but the bike’s hot anyways. I bet that rear locks up hella quick.

  • mingh

    I’m trying to imagine this bike without those hideous wheels.

  • Well i dont know who the judge was but this ain’t a streetfighter… not even front or rear brakes so wasn’t made to be ridden or even ridden hard… just a piece of metal…. this is something but not a motorcycle if you cant ride it…

    isnt chopper isnt bobber isnt caferacer…

    i have to say…lots of fabrication talent…

  • Hey Giannis,

    Have a closer look, has front and rear perimeter brakes.. ala Buell

    yet, if it was mine I’d be loathed to ride it cause it’d be a huge effort to clean all the bugs off a white bike :P

  • p

    From Wikipedia:
    In modern usage, the term “Baroque” may still be used, usually pejoratively, describing works of art, craft, or design that are thought to have excessive ornamentation or complexity of line, or, as a synonym for “Byzantine”, to describe literature, computer software, contracts, or laws that are thought to be excessively complex, indirect, or obscure in language, to the extent of concealing or confusing their meaning. A “Baroque fear” is deeply felt, but utterly beyond daily reality.

    The bike does not truly represent the Baroque style, if it did, it would be overly ornamental and decorative. The bike has some restraint and cleanliness to it and in my opinion, is more simply modern and dichromatic in its approach as a designer piece.

  • very cool. Talking color on builds of this caliber?

    Hub-center steering would be nice for more suspension while keeping the lower stance

  • Kidchampion

    Lighten up wikipedia nerds. He didn’t say “this bike defines baroque”, he said the word springs to mind. And rightly so, baroque furniture is often white with gold edging: http://www.bosendorferlasvegas.com/images/int/build_your_own/style/aap_styles_popup_baroque.jpg

    I would submit the bike also brings to mind the word Courreges.

  • true it has perimeter brakes…

  • someguy

    uuuhm. no.
    the overall(!) shape is delicious. The white works, so does the detailing of everything ‘engine’… but, oh, but…