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1973 Ducati 750 Sport by Back To Classics

Ducati 750 Sport
Every now and then, it’s good to go back to square one. To revisit the baseline, if you like. And for me, that’s an immaculate classic motorcycle captured by a skilled photographer.

Like this matching-numbers 1973 Ducati 750 Sport. It’s just been restored by Harné Heuvelman of Holland, who runs the Ducati specialists Back To Classics.

Ducati 750 Sport
“We bought the Ducati in parts from a guy in Italy a few years ago,” says Heuvelman. “He’d started making a custom bike out of it, painting the original fuel tank in baby blue—with a brush! But the seat and fenders were the only missing parts.”

Ducati 750 Sport
Luckily for Heuvelman, the owner abandoned the rebuild before too much damage was done. “We sorted out the parts, and found that most of the bike was in good condition.” Straight away, Heuvelman rebuilt the engine to standard factory specifications, using new pistons and valves.

Next was the bodywork. “We did a lot of research to get the paintwork right. The yellow was taken from a set of NOS side panels we had lying around. The outer engine covers and front fork have been returned to the original wrinkle finish.”

Ducati 750 Sport
The Ducati was sold during the restoration process, and some of the new owner’s wishes were incorporated into the restoration. The original Scarab brakes were set aside—even though they had the optional second front disc. “This bike is going to be used on the open road, so we fitted Grimeca brake calipers. The quality of original Scarabs is very bad, even after refurbishing,” Heuvelman notes.

Ducati 750 Sport
The 750 Sport is also fitted with a concealed electronic ignition system, again to make it better for regular road use. Everything else is refurbished, including the original Aprilia headlight, the Borrani wheels (fitted with new Dunlop TT100 tires) and the Conti exhaust. Even the original nuts and bolts have been refurbished and pressed back into service.

Perfection on two wheels, wouldn’t you say?

Back To Classics | Facebook | Instagram | Images by Ernst Klip.

Ducati 750 Sport