CB XXX: A top-spec Honda CBX1000 from dB Customs

Honda CBX100 restomod by dB Customs
The Honda CBX1000 is not only iconic—it’s massive. The six-cylinder, 24-valve behemoth was a beast in every sense of the word: an unapologetic sport bike that was blindingly quick for its time.

It was also designed way before stubby tail sections were en vogue. Old CBXs look unbalanced by today’s standards—but to purists, they hark back to a time where function trumped form. If that’s your vibe, rejoice: this CBX1000 restomod from dB Customs still wears all of its original bodywork… and paint.

Honda CBX1000 restomod by dB Customs
But don’t let these period-correct looks fool you. There might not be a lot of custom work going on aesthetically, but this Honda is jam-packed with performance upgrades. And that’s just how Darren Begg, the man behind the dB Customs, likes it.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Darren has a thing for old Japanese bikes that go fast. And he knows how to make them go even faster. His projects are mostly late 70s and 80s restomods and race bikes, always with modern upgrades. This 1979-model CBX came from a client in New York—its original owner—with less than 12,000 miles on the dial.

Honda CBX1000 restomod by dB Customs
Darren’s focus was entirely on performance and weight saving. So this CBX features engine work, top shelf suspension and brakes, and carbon fiber wheels. It now weighs just 465 lbs wet.

The CBX might have been in original condition, but that didn’t stop Darren from tearing it down and sending the frame off for a fresh coat of black. And the motor’s low mileage didn’t stop it from being rebuilt and bored out to 1,147 cc.

Honda CBX1000 restomod by dB Customs
Inside you’ll find JE Pistons, Carrillo rods, Web Cam camshafts, and cam chains, guides and tensioners from Vince & Hyde Racing in New Zealand. Ray Mancini at Xtreme Motorsports gas-flowed the head, and the bike’s been rewired with an IgniTech ignition and Dyna coils.

Darren’s a dealer for the Japanese company JB Power, so he used an oil cooler and a set of Keihin flat-slide carbs from them. And they supplied the stunning hand-bent six-into-one titanium exhaust system.

Honda CBX1000 restomod by dB Customs
For the suspension, he picked out a set of Öhlins FGRT 202 forks made for the BMW S1000RR, with a 10 mm longer stroke. They’re held in place by a set of custom CNC-machined triple clamps. The rear shocks are Öhlins KA149 units, hooked up to a modified Kawasaki ZRX1200 swingarm from Over Racing.

The wheels are lightweight carbon fiber 17” Dymag CA5s, shod with Avon Spirit ST tires. The brake setup is a mash-up that includes Brembo calipers and rotors, a custom rear brake mount and tie rod, and Speigler lines. There’s also a Brembo RCS front radial master cylinder and lever.

Honda CBX1000 restomod by dB Customs
Upgrades to the cockpit include new clip-ons and grips, bar-end mirrors, the switchgear from a Suzuki GSX-R1000, and a Koso speedo. The headlight’s an LED item from JW Speaker, the taillight is OEM, and the slim LED turn signals are from Koso.

More JB Power parts finish off the build, like billet aluminum rear-sets and engine mounting braces. And naturally there’s a new chain and sprockets, a bunch of fresh fasteners, and safety wire in all the right places.

Honda CBX1000 restomod by dB Customs
To the untrained eye, this CBX is just another late-70s naked with too much junk in the trunk—albeit a very clean one. But to those that know, it’s a mouth-watering machine; brutal and authentic, but with a contemporary parts spec that ticks all the right boxes.

Our only wish is that we could be there when its owner turns the key, so that we can hear all six cylinders light up that titanium can.

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Honda CBX1000 restomod by dB Customs