Run the Streets: A Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack

Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack by K-Speed
K-Speed have mastered the art of Honda Cub customization. It started when they got a call from Honda Thailand two years ago, asking them to build a custom Super Cub to celebrate the new model’s release. Since then, the Bangkok custom powerhouse has hit the accelerator—refining ideas and developing new parts along the way.

We’ve loved tracking their progress too, because we can’t resist seeing the world’s most popular scooter hopped up. K-Speed’s latest offering is the dopest yet; a brand new Honda Super Cub with a rally vibe and a skateboard rack. Call us 90s nostalgic, but we want this bad.

Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack by K-Speed
K-Speed aren’t just a custom shop—they’re also one of Thailand’s biggest aftermarket parts suppliers. So their custom Super Cubs are a mix of catalog parts, fabrication, and massive amounts of creativity, and are usually offered as limited run ‘made-to-order’ customs.

This one’s the first of the aptly-named ‘Baja’ series, which they’ll be building just 59 of.

Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack by K-Speed
The most obvious change here is the front end. K-Speed have left the bulk of the front ‘fairing’ intact, but trimmed much of the bodywork away elsewhere. They’ve stripped off the Super Cub’s plastic steering ‘cluster’ too, ditched its headlight, and stripped down the OEM fork housings to refinish the legs in black.

Up front is a new twin light and grill setup, adapted from another bike. Combined with a stubby, high-mounted fender, it feels like a throwback to the charming Honda XLR250R Baja. A pair of LED turn signals is embedded low down, and there’s a little perforation on the plastics for extra effect.

Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack by K-Speed
Peer around the back, and you’ll spot a set of risers, handlebars and grips from K-Speed’s catalog. The team also relocated the Honda’s ignition and installed a basic mini switch that just controls the turn signals and horn. Then they installed a digital combination speed/tacho lower down.

Other cosmetic changes include a quilted seat cover and a pair of ribbed side covers, both from the company’s in-house ‘Diablo’ range of parts. Heck, even the footpegs have been upgraded.

Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack by K-Speed
This Super Cub’s is wearing more than just new clothes though: it also has a radically reworked stance. K-Speed have used the extended swingarm design first seen on their recent Honda CT125 project, so that they could cram in a pair of 17” wheels. The Super Cub still uses the stock drum brake hubs, but now runs on knobby tires.

The rear was cut short, and treated to a new fender and luggage rack. It’s now propped up on a new pair of Diablo rear shocks. There’s an LED Diablo taillight mounted to the swingarm, and a matching pair of LED turn signals tucked away near the top shock mounts.

Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack by K-Speed
On the right side, K-Speed rerouted the exhaust with a custom header, capping it off with a Diablo muffler and custom heat shields. The left side features a clever little rack, designed to carry a cruiser-sized skateboard, and a license plate mount.

The Baja’s color scheme is dead simple: black, with a mixture of gloss and satin finishes. And while we’re curious what this scoot would look like in a 90s rally livery, it looks just as appealing murdered out.

Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack by K-Speed
We’re firm believers that smaller bikes are the future of motorcycling… and what’s better than a cheeky scooter with space for a lunchbox and a skateboard?

Sign us up, please.

K-Speed website | Instagram | Images by Hipmotography

Honda Super Cub with a skateboard rack by K-Speed