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1983 BMW R80 Bobber

BMW bobber
This amazing BMW was reportedly built by a fellow named Rodney Aguiar, who has worked for Roland Sands. It’s a BMW R80 given the bobber treatment, and the detailing is exquisite—from the blacked-out boxer engine and mechanicals to the way the coil of the monoshock matches that signature BMW yellow paintwork on the tank. It’s strange, but it all hangs together somehow: it reminds us of the work of Deus in Sydney. Information about this bike is scant, but if you know more, drop us a line in the comments. [Via Bubble Visor, with thanks to Mitch Alison.]

  • This is very cool, indeed. It’s a great blend of old and new, while staying true to a style that can pass for 1983. The centre stand is a nice BMW touch too.

  • Mitch Alison

    Nice one. Would love to find out more about it.

  • Dennis Wymore

    Very interesting … BMWs can be cool and this one is on a very different tack! Looks to be well though out and executed. To ride it much I would feel more comfortable with a small rear fender, but that is the practical ol’ man coming out of me!

  • I thought the Magni was good but this is… Incredible!

  • chris

    Lovely lovely stuff. But please get shot of the reflectors on the forks

  • I saw this bike on bubblevisor and wondered where it came from. You are good Chris!

  • I found this bike for sale on ebay two years ago and posted it on my blog. (Not claiming I’m the first to have spotted the bike tho.) The ebay ad I viewed way back then I wish I had clipped and saved … it didn’t give huge details, just the obvious. But it DID state that it was built by Agiuar … but it wasn’t him that was selling it.

    I’ve seen images (the same I posted, no others) of it pop up here and there, and numerous people email me about it … but no one claims to know where it is or further info on its origin or whereabouts.

    Hope we can all find out! Fantastic bike-


  • Sweet mammajamma…that’s freakin’ beautiful.


  • Anonymous
  • MikeE

    MORE INFO!!?? i would buy this bike in a heartbeat!

    for those who saw it on ebay, how much did it sell for?

  • JoHNY


  • I have seen that and another Augair bike.. a turbo …very cool stuff but hard to find more on the man. or the machines.

    seems that rear shock is the trick to the look really… i have seen that rear type arrangement on some ducatis i think.. perhaps i can build it in my garage with my bike in need of a rebuild.

    if anyone has details on that rear shock mount.. that is the crux move.

  • peter

    this bike WAS built by Aguiar that is correct he rode it for a few months and decided to sell this one of the two he built from the R80 series. the other bike was an R80 st which borrowed parts from a GSX-R 750 and 1000. he called this bike “golden oldie” and with 5 days left for the auction on ebay the bike was at 12,000 dollars. he decided to change all the fluids out for the new owner to be. When the bike was on the work stand the mechanic turned away for a second and the bike crashed off the work stand by some mysterious spell, luckily only knicking the gas tank which was barely noticeable. but Aguiar took it as a sign from the bike itself that it did not want to be sold. SO the auction was ended early and he kept the bike. Sadly to my knowlege i beleive the bike is the only one in existance and is not for sale. although trying to replicate it on your own im sure would be fun, which is what i plan to do.

  • Turgut

    Anonymous, thanks for the two other picture you sent.
    Of all the bikes i’ve seen on this website, this is the bike that hit me the most, and it’s also the reason why i’m now following bikeexif every day.

    I recognize the mufflers from KTM’s HXC or EXC series. they had a wonderful manic blasting noise on the single 620 and 640 engines, I wonder how this sound on the bobber. I suppose the exhausts are not interconnected, so that would make an interesting tune.

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  • ScaryGary

    Looks like it started out as a R80ST. Similar to the R80 G/S but with 19″ front wheel. Tell tale signs are the three bolt monolever rear end and the footpegs…. same wheel hubs as the G/S and ST