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Bobber Motorcycle: Darwin Brawler

Darwin Motorcycles' new Brawler muscle bike
I’ve always thought that only two US custom brands have managed to extend their appeal beyond the local chopper scene: Zero Engineering and Brass Balls. Brass Balls has made its name with stylish, big-value bobbers, but the latest bike from parent company Darwin Motorcycles is a premium model. The Brawler is pitched as a muscle bike and there are three models, with upgraded components to match increased prices as you go through the range.

Darwin Motorcycles' new Brawler muscle bike
All Brawlers will run Baker drivetrains and S&S motors, but the capacities will change. You get 96ci on the $22,995 base model, 111ci on the $30,995 Brawler GT, and a mighty 124ci (2033cc) on the $38,995 Brawler GTR. Neat touches abound—including a custom primary drive and a sleek Martini headlight. The GT and GTR will also come with quality pipes from D&D and shocks from Suspension Technologies, with the GTR also sporting a huge 56mm inverted Mean Streak front end. The pricing is in Harley-Davidson 110ci CVO territory; owner Dar Holdsworth tells us that the Brawler is “inspired by the Harley-Davidson FXR, in that the frame geometry is similar and it is a rubber mounted powertrain. That’s where the similarities stop: we’re creating a true American super sport cruiser.”

Darwin Motorcycles' new Brawler muscle bike
Darwin Motorcycles' new Brawler muscle bike

  • The rear quarter shots look great, but the front end just looks too simple. And a $24k entry model… yikes.

  • daan

    boring ugly bike, but who am i?

  • NoH2Oh

    Very nice, clean and w/o all of the needless doo-dads that some custom makers seem to love. The primary is sweet, and they use mid-controls….nice touch.

    I’d add an additional disc up front and a better looking air cleaner, but the incorporation of the classic (now) FXR frame is a winner.

    Oh, and nice way to hide the shocks using all black, never could understand the interest in hardtail bikes.

  • D.

    I look forward to wearing bicycle clips on my jeans.

  • These guys are a couple miles from where I grew up. I met up with him once; met his family as well. Really cool bloke–humble and hard worker. I ride a different style bike, but were I in the market for an American V-Twin, I’d buy from him. I was impressed with his worry to build to such a high quality that they never came back for warranty repair.


  • WillyP

    Nice looking machine, but I had to lol at “true American super sport cruiser”

  • eltiburon

    Give this bike a double disc in front ,This is the MAXXXXXX.That’s why a lot of MCs drive a FXR.I think I gonna rob a bank to get me one,HAHA!

  • Nice work I like i love it I grow up riding but is the best I seen yet and I think what I’m going to do next

  • The front end really looks too simple. But who am I to judge a “true American super sport cruiser”

  • Alha1996

    swing arm must flex like a pizza

  • Davidabl2

    “Muscle bike” or “super sport cruiser” with a single front disc is kind of an oxymoron..
    More than “jumbo shrimp” this one’s in the same league as “congressional ethics” ” military justice”
    or “motorcycle safety!”