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CR&S Duu

CR&S Duu superbike
Milan-based boutique manufacturer CR&S has released images of its new Duu superbike prototype, powered by the familiar S&S ‘X-Wedge’ V-twin motor. The 2-litre engine of the Duu (a play on ‘due’, Italian for ‘two’) might be familiar, but it’s wrapped in futuristic styling that takes several cues from the Confederate rulebook. It looks like CR&S will be offering single- and double-seat configurations, and a wide range of options for customers to tailor the Duu to their personal tastes. Given that the personalized approach has worked wonders for Harley-Davidson and Triumph, the prospects for the Duu could be bright. The only question mark will be the price: €20,000 is the equivalent of US$29,500, meaning that the Duu is even more expensive than motorcycles such as the MV Agusta F4 RR 312 1078. Still, the Duu is a striking-looking machine that will also be extremely rare.

  • It is a very cool looking bike with the exception of the wedge protruding out beyond the front fork. That looks very out of place. Would like to see some other angles as well. Ah yes, fed my fix for more photos on the Rocket Garage link, thank yo!

  • KD

    Spectacular! ..

  • KD

    Wow! I mean wow!

  • The italian word for “two” is due, not duu.
    Anyway, the Lego Bionicle Styling of this thing is a little bit OTT in my opinion, with the giant tank filler cap and that “thing” (what is it, a headlamp?) in front of the fork being the worst offenders.
    If you look at it from the side, like in this picture, it the V-shaped engine makes me think of some kind of weird tractor-engine in front view, with the fueltank being the watertank with an old-fashioned radiator filler cap on top of it.

    just my opinion…

  • ulises

    yeah like wim said, it´s DUE not DUU… what´s the name then?

    great design!!

  • This tops anything Confederate is bringing to the game, IMO. This is a breathtaker and head turner. Unfortunately so is the price tag.

  • mdb

    The italian word for “two” is “due”, but in Milan (where DUU was created and built) the word “two” is “duu”.

  • Kozzy

    Looks convoluted to me. Probably striking in person.

  • The Phantom

    The text below the pic makes it very clear why the bike is named ‘Duu’ rather than ‘Due’, read it again.

    More pics here (click on the ‘CR&S’ link in the text to go to their site):

    Great looking bike! Getting closer to the line between cruiser and superbike.

  • ulises

    no it doesnt ¨the phantom¨, it just said duu is italian for two, read it again man

  • Whoa! This bike didn’t only take “cues” from the Wraith, it looks like a cheap knock off of the Wraith. Available soon at a dealer on Canal Street – Rolex anyone?

  • Spats MacGee

    And I quote “The 2-litre engine of the Duu (a play on ‘due’, Italian for ‘two’) might be familiar” If you are unable to read then you should merely content yourself with looking at the pictures and keep your minimal knowledge of Italian and your comments to yourself. That said, I can’t help but thinking this is a pretty ugly bike.

  • Richard

    Dog ugly

  • This is a tall bike with a high centre of gravity but what a street bike – I’d rather turn up at the Cafe on one of these any day of the week. Impressive ‘one off’ design thinking, that’s produced a stunning, practical bike.

  • Bonolt

    Giant pile of shite. Another american “lets make something uuuummm… american”