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Jano Cycles Triumph bobber

Triumph bobber
One of the best things about running this website is discovering talented new builders who haven’t been picked up elsewhere. And the quality of the work being done in back street garages is often astounding. Slovakian Jano Bachleda of Jano Cycles, Colorado, is a case in point—his custom Triumph bobber (called ‘Brassie’) just oozes style and thoughtful engineering. The front frame loop is from a 1967 Triumph T120R, with the motor coming from a 1973 750. The rear wheel and hub are from a Triumph 650, and the front wheel is from a 1967 Honda. Although the gas tank is original, Jano made the hardtail and front end from scratch, along with the seat pan, oil tank and a multitude of small brass details. The result was worth the effort. [Thanks to owner Daapo Reo.]

  • Sushi74

    Brilliant! But check his website – I mostly like the Triumph Hot Rod 750!

  • Johan

    Would it be possible to post fullsize pics? The website is called bikeEXIF after all.

  • Johan, you’ll find more pics on Jano’s website.

  • Luk4me

    Holy ShoooooT!! Now This is Class! I just love the Style.. Wao!

  • bj

    There must Something unique about bikers in Netherlands and Slovakia. Remember the awesome bike built by the folks at DBBP. I thought I had seen it all but this bike from Jano is just another reason satisfy oneself that its all not lost to the TV World of Reality show bike builders. Thanks Chris again for looking out and sharing this beautiful creations with us.

  • Fine Motor This is my favorite engine

  • ChrisMcC

    Great looking bike! I like the lines and the color. But the front suspension isn’t going to feel very good. my jaw hurts every time I look at it.

  • MikeE

    this thing was on Ebay a few weeks ago…
    didnt sell, reserve wasnt met.

    its pretty f’n sweet

  • MotoGuzzam

    Yeah i Saw This On Ebay Too And Actually placed a bid. love the Color and Clean build.. Awesome Bike.

  • That is a very tidy Triumph bobber. Not so sure about the drum brake on the front wheel though!?

    Their Petrol 77 is an interesting bike as well. They have relocated the fuel tank in to the back of the frame (where you would usually find the oil tank on Bobbers) which leaves the bike looking like it’s just come from the drag strip … very cool. It’s also good to see someone who isn’t afraid to use different colour schemes on the bikes.

  • very nice..