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Harley XR1200 ‘Jewel Racer’

Harley-Davidson XR1200 customized with Jewel Racer kit
If you’ve got a stock Harley XR1200 and you want to give it the look of the classic late-seventies XLCR, this French-made body kit will take you there. It includes a quarter fairing and screen, ‘drag’ handlebars in matt silver, a fuel tank cover and a seat unit. It’s simple to fit, and bolts straight on: The most difficult part of the process is repositioning the stock headlight, but no other modifications are required. It’s made by a company called Jewel Racer, and distributed by the UK Harley specialist Adrenalin-Moto. You can buy the individual items, or get the complete package for £1,345 (US$2,200). And if you haven’t got an XR1200 sitting in your garage, Airtech makes a similar kit for the Sportster.

  • Makes me love the XR1200 even more.

  • The XR1200 is the only modern Harley that appeals to me and the XLCR was ahead of its time. The combination is perfect!

  • Larry Kahn

    Not to get off subject, but presuming this was taken in France it’s pretty cool the guy has a Mopar musclecar there too. (‘Cuda or Challenger?)

    • I’m pretty sure this was taken in the UK, at Adrenalin-Moto’s premises. But yes, cool car indeed!

  • ghostyrider

    Jewel is good, Airtech too, but take a look on this:
    and search for the bikes…

  • A. Smith

    This bike takes me back to the first Harley I ever wanted to own, the XLCR from 1977-1979. The only problem with the bike from the 70’s was that AMF owned Harley back then and the reliability was crap. This bike suffers none of that so I may just…

  • I would love to claim that the photos were taken at our place (Adrenalin-Moto) but alas they were taken in France and I think the car belongs to Jeremy from Jewel Racer :)

  • Geraldine

    Hi Guys
    I’m Géraldine from Jewel Racer. With my associate Jéremy we designed and produced that XR-CR Kit.
    I’m very happy to read that you enjoyed the parts.
    Matt the car is not jeremy’s one ! He would love but …no :)
    The owner is a friend who let us make the picture shoot in his workshop!


  • Mike Appleman

    The ‘Cuda’s nice, but isn’t that a Pantera lurking over on the left?

  • exparatrooper56

    Still a harley! hey harley fanatics if owning a American bike is so important why do I see most harley owners get into there jap cars? I always own American cars would love to own American bike but over priced lead sleds not my style I ride sports bike not a staus symbol