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JvB-MOTO Ducati Flat Red

JvB-MOTO Ducati Flat Red
Six months ago, we were awestruck by Jens vom Brauck’s minimalistic Ducati Scrambler custom. But the other day, a comment on twitter reminded us of an earlier JvB-MOTO Ducati bike, the Flat Red.

This motorcycle won the international Ducati Design Contest in 2004, and five years later, it still looks fresh. The bike was first developed as a 1:12 scale model, and later built on base of a 2002 900SSie. As Jens says, “It’s not the most practical bike, and neither is it made for the racetrack—but it doesn’t want to be. It wants to be good fun, it will deliver lots of character, and it is going to be cooler and quicker than every ‘cruiser’ ever built”. Quite.

  • CMCC

    I don’t like it. I love Ducati and I love Rat bobbers, but I hate the flat plywood seat hanging off the back – messes up the lines. Too bad too, because I have been thinking of a cool Bobber using a Ducati.

  • Swagger

    I’ve loved this bike and JVB’s other works since i saw them a couple years ago. The execution is so clean and free of useless bling or fake patina that you actually get a feel for the engineering that went into the conversion. If you’re a blingbiker then it’s probably not for you and that’s totally cool, but for those of us not into OCC and Maltese Cross mirrors … this is art. As well and even more important, it’s a rider. It’s got a usable position, actual suspension … that’s capable … and it’s not like anyone else’s.

    That is until I totally rip it off in my garage, there’s a sadly scuffed Sport 1000 waiting for a new life!

  • Personal Preference Rating: 10/10

    I wanna complain about the seat. One of my favorite bikes. Really can’t knock it. As much as I complain about the seat but it looks ridable. I like the character and attitude of the bike. Nice headlight. Cool tank. Simple but you can see some thought went into the design. The back end tends to look incomplete but that is probably because the pipe is in the way in this initial angle. So when I follow the link to a top few… it looks great. Perfect bike man. I love it.

  • I like it cause he’s said “up yours” to what a Ducati should traditionally look like.