The new Icon 1000 Collection
Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations

A spectacular Monster S2R with hints of steampunk

Ah, the mighty Ducati Monster. From Miguel Galluzzi’s first design in 1993, right up to the current range, it just keeps getting better. It’s a cool ride straight out of the box, even better with a little fettling, and can be downright outrageous in the hands of the right builder. By the right builder, we…

Custom Honda VTR250 with a tracker vibe by Deus Japan

Mini Monster: Deus Japan reworks the Honda VTR250


There’s a huge flat track resurgence happening right now, and it’s spilling over into the custom domain. Even if most of the tracker-style builds we see aren’t actually destined for oval track glory, there’s something about the vibe that people love. The head wrench of Deus Ex Machina Tokyo is a massive fan: “There is…

Tracker-style Ducati M900 Monster by Speedtractor of Tokyo

Monster Tracker: Speedtractor’s Ducati M900


Just over a year ago, Speedtractor boss Matthew Roberts was tapped on the shoulder to become the head wrench for the Japanese outpost of a certain global custom brand. We were big fans of Speedtractor’s off-kilter builds, and sadly assumed we’d see no more. But amazingly, the man finds the energy to wear two hats.…

Ducati Monster 750 by Motolady

I’m always curious to see what moto journalists ride when they’re not reporting on other people’s bikes. This hot-rodded Ducati Monster 750 belongs to Alicia…