1967 Triumph Tiger custom

Triumph TR6 Tiger custom motorcycle
Eric Henderson’s motorcycle is almost as interesting as his job. He’s an underwater welder in New York City, and when he’s not working below sea level, he’s riding a 1967 Triumph TR6R Tiger custom that took two years to build. Eric’s owned this single-carb bike since 1986, and he kept it stock until the motor died in 2007. “I tore the bike down with the intention of restoring it,” he says, “but the custom bug bit me instead. So I got the motor rebuilt by the good folks at TT Cycles in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Steve Blaufeder did the total rebuild from the crank up.” Then Eric bought a bolt-on David Bird hardtail from Lowbrow Customs to revolutionize the look of the bike—it’s a 4-inch stretch with a 2½-inch drop.

Triumph TR6 Tiger custom motorcycle
“I made all the brass parts on my CNC mill, such as the points cover, oil feed, rocker caps and handlebar risers. I also made the handlebars and designed the taillight bracket. Dennis Harrold at TT Cycles massaged the hardtail and made the stainless steel fender struts as well as the fender stays that blend in with the frame.” TT also powdercoated the frame and front end in a wet gloss black. The front wheel is a 21-inch Avon Speedmaster laced to a stock 1967 front drum brake and chromed. The rear wheel is a 16-inch Shinko, also laced to a stock 1967 Triumph hub. Aidan Originals made the seat, and it has Chopper Shox underneath for a smooth ride. “The gas tank is the original 1967 TR6R tank with the emblems removed and the parcel grid holes filled for a super clean look,” says Eric. The color of the scallops is Sikkens Orange Crush over Wet Black; the talented G.W. Ross handled the pinstriping and lettering. “My bike wouldn’t have ever come to light if it wasn’t for Steve Blaufeder and Dennis Harrold at TT Cyles. Their patience with me—and knowledge beyond words on all things Triumph—helped me create this bike.” [Thanks to Tyler Malinky of Lowbrow Customs.]

Triumph TR6 Tiger custom motorcycle
Triumph TR6 Tiger custom motorcycle
Triumph TR6 Tiger custom motorcycle

  • The similar stance of the Guzzi in the previous post, this bike, and the recent Royal Enfield custom are a good change of pace for the cruze segment. I like it.

  • tq

    very nice! Nothing like a bobbed out triumph!

  • Harry Farquhar

    There must be some spectacular maritime torch work going on in NYC because this machine is nothing short of stunning. The incredible brass work alone sets the bike bike apart. Any more photo’s available to be ogled?

  • I think this is the hottest triumph I’ve ever seen.

  • elven

    Hard tails aren’t really my thing, but this one looks very rideable… the underseat shox must be worth whatever they cost ;-)
    Excellent quality of finish.

  • Mule

    Beautiful work! I love the big fat drum brake with the 21″ rim. This bike has class! Amen.

  • Kdibnah

    The work is spectacular. Very well done and nice to look at, but I don’t like bobbers nor open exhaust and although I have ridden a scoot with the front fender off, the gravel and sand it threw and the engine pitting got old really fast. Worse than a cloud of mayflies. I think the pinstriping on an original Triumph tank is one of the best examples of 20th century British art, so painting over that is a travesty. Anyway, like I said, the work is spectacular and the bike is beautiful. I particularly like the fender stays and brass is easier to polish than aluminum! Do a brass oil tank filler and chrome the carb! (If I close my eyes I can remember the lovely sound and the torque as you release that heavy clutch and roll on the throttle….. lovely!)

  • BRG

    Very tasty, just begs to be ridden. The only change I’d make is the taillight, the std one looks a bit wierd perhaps a smaller circular lens.

    • elven

      The tail light looks like a 1960’s – 1970’s standard Wipac item, probably came with the original bike.

      • elven

        sorry, its a Lucas 697…

  • Anonymous

    That is just so right, bravo!

  • Northwoods

    Any chance anyone can help me source petcocks, mounting hardware and a gas cap for a similar tank?

  • Kent

    Beautiful. Absolutely stunning – and not from a pro bike builder.
    I think it’s hard to get the lines right on a bobber.

  • Kerry

    I think everything about this bike is great except the underseat shocks. I had them on one my bikes a few years ago and they barley gave any spring. Now I know you have to spend some time getting the right kind of springs, angle setup, etc. I’m not making any comment about how rideable this bike might be since it obviously is.

    I just don’t find that look of those shocks appealing anymore or in keeping with what else is going with the bike.

  • Semper Gumby

    First thing I say was the Hard Tail: Those Dave Bird Hard Tails sure are purdy! Nice job.

  • Eric H.

    thanks everyone for the positive words on my bike!!! Eric

  • Septic the Sceptic

    Bit cliche now. Some nice details, and the details make or break.

  • bryguy9

    Shhhhh! Listen carefully, I think I can hear it whispering “Ride me!” in a very sultry voice. Love the Brass! Love the chrome (chrome is not a crime people!). And that fender placement is growing on me, the more I stare and drool.

  • KIK

    sweet bike, i have the tank badges for it.

  • Redican

    spot on, just great proportions and nice lines. classy!

  • PeterB

    As I think our friends across the pond mights say “totally sick!”

    Great job…

  • B.B.

    I had a 67 TR6 that had been “customized”. I returned to almost stock.
    It didn’t look anything like this beauty. I would not have made a hardtail of a stock frame.
    That said this bike looks super. I am impressed.

  • Mack-o-matik

    well THAT is what my dreams are made of… true. I’d ride it on a Canadian transcontinental adventure, man.

  • Mduyts

    Really like this topic.

  • iRivas

    The exhaust is pretty cool. This whole bike is really put together beautifully. Love the brass.

  • Badseed

    In 10/15 patined years will reveal all this bike glory.

  • kdinsmoor

    Fantastic bike. I love the attention to detail, with one exception, the cables. Don’t get me wrong, the bike is great and has a very talented builder. Definitely a bikeexif quality ride.

  • Cheapfame

    Beautiful bike. But now you mentioned it the cables could be shorter/re-routed.

  • Anonymous

    I like how he “revolutionized” the look of the bike by making it a hardtail :).