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Wonder Customs

Wonder Customs Revolution-1 custom motorcycle
The guy with the best name on the custom scene is Jason Wonder of Texan outfit Wonder Customs. He’s a newcomer to the industry, but his bikes fortunately live up to the moniker. This one is Revolution-1, the first in a planned series of ten. It’s running a mostly stock V-Rod engine, developed by Harley-Davidson with the help of Porsche. And with considerably more that 100 hp at the crank, tuning is not necessary on such a lightweight custom. Take a look at the photoset on the Wonder Customs blog and you’ll see that the styling is absolutely spot-on: raw and uncluttered, with an elongated frame, split tank and super-short exhaust. Jason’s second bike, Revolution-2, is more of the same—but in a more compact guise, and with mid rather than forward foot controls. Expect to hear much more from Mr Wonder in the coming years. [Via Visual Gratification.]

  • Adrian

    That’s how the V-Rod should have been in the first place.

  • exactly…..

    Finally, I’ve wanted to see someone cafe’ a v-rod motor for a long time….
    very cool.

  • Milktooth

    A hardtail with “considerably more” than 100 bhp? Not for actually riding thanks. Come on chaps, do the rest of the engineering.

  • Milktooth – there is suspension under the seat.

  • vitro

    Anyone know what kind of helmet that is?

  • mingh

    @ chris hunter:

    although that little shoch would make your bum a bit more confortable, it surely isn’t going to help traction and braking, leave alone cornering with a twisted throttle.
    I fail to understand why so many custom builders go hardtail. There’s nothing ugly about suspension. For custom builders worth their salt it’s even easy to hide the shock and make the bike look like a hardtail while still building a prefectly rideable machine.
    I’m with Milktooth.

  • The Phantom

    I’m not seeing what’s special here – it just looks unfinished to me, and I like the stripped-back look.

  • Bob

    Not the most comfortable looking riding position…..
    Make sure you take a bunch of aspirin for your lower back before riding!

  • This is one bad bike … should see it in action. But honestly the rev2 is even more incredible. Check out and be watching for a new video to be posted soon that shows off the rev2.