Autobahn Streak: A cafe racer BMW R nineT

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
Judging public opinion is a fickle business. So when a builder hits on a concept that works, it’s tempting to get comfortable and stick to the formula.

The first build we featured from California-based JSK Moto was a sweet BMW R nineT-based scrambler. It spread like wildfire, and even landed on BMW Motorrad’s radar. But rather than build a series of sequels, JSK point man Samuel Kao followed up with a couple of diverse and pretty zany bikes.

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
Now, almost two and a half years later, he’s come back to the R nineT—but with a very different vibe. “After the scrambler, we really wanted to make a cafe racer too,” he says. “Our schedule is busy so it took a long time—but it was worth the wait.”

“The R nineT was designed with customization in mind. We saw many wonderful variations, and BMW also released its own Racer. While creating our own, we thought maybe we could push the idea of easy customization further.”

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
The key to JSK’s approach lies in the new fairing and tank. The two are actually one piece, and function as a cover with a hidden fuel tank attached to the frame underneath.

“We were able to attach the shell to the motorcycle with just three connection points,” explains Samuel, “making installation relatively easy. Imagine something as simple as changing your phone case.”

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
Team JSK wanted to strike a balance between complex lines and overall simplicity, so they chose to shape the new frontal bodywork from fiberglass. It’s here that Samuel wanted to incorporate a very specific element: “We wanted to have the signature BMW angel eye headlight for the motorcycle,” he says.

“We sourced it from a car, but it was too small for a motorcycle. So we added a custom aluminum vent around the headlight to help dissipate heat, and create a futuristic look.”

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
Samuel’s not shy to collaborate on projects, pulling in experts to fill the gaps. Taiwanese craftsman Three Harmony Production shaped up a sharp tail unit from metal, following JSK Moto’s design to the last micron.

Kingsman Cushion then whipped up a new perch, wrapping it in dyed leather. A louvered section was added on each side, tying the tank, tail and frame together, visually.

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
Building everything from scratch gave JSK the freedom to tweak the ergonomics too, so they nudged the seat forward for improved comfort. Then they cleaned up the cockpit with a custom CNC-machined triple tree and a set of Driven clip-ons.

The parts list on this R nineT is as desirable as it is considered. The BMW now rolls on Roland Sands Design ‘Hutch’ wheels, with matching brake rotors. There’s a new Gears Racing H2 Plus shock out back, and Dunlop Q3 Sportmax tires to grip the road better.

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
JSK installed a full exhaust system from Akrapovič, and an Earl’s Performance oil cooler. They also added ENLiNT rear sets, Beringer clutch and brake master cylinders, and a RCE Power Lithium-ion battery.

DK Design supplied the air intakes, a carbon fiber front fender, the dash bezel, and the nifty rear mudguard and plate holder combo (which also houses a tiny LED tail light). Motogadget bar-end signals, a rear brake reservoir from PSR, and an engine breastplate and valve covers from RSD round out the package.

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
JSK Moto’s final color palette was equally considered. Jeffrey Chang at the famous Air Runner Custom Paint laid down a coat of silver, with a set of slick German flag stripes up front.

Samuel also resisted the urge to black all the parts out, leaving just the right amount of contrast to complement the paint.

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
The R nineT’s new name is another nod to its Bavarian heritage: they’ve called it ‘Autobahn Streak.’ “It’s a build to make you want to ride long distances on the highway,” says Samuel.

If you’d like to see JSK’s cafe racer BMW in the metal, head down to Portland, Oregon this weekend for The One Moto Show. With several new custom builds being revealed, it’s worth a long trip on the highway—even if your steed isn’t as quite as exotic as this R nineT.

JSK Custom Design | Facebook | Instagram | Images by Johnson Yang

Cafe racer BMW R nineT by JSK Moto
Special Thanks CNC work: BlackSmith CNC Co. Custom Paint: Air Runner Custom Paint / Jeffrey Chang Exhaust: Full exhaust system sponsored by Akrapovič USA Handcrafted Seat: Kingsman Cushion Metal shaping: Three Harmony Production Machining and welding: Ryan Graham Molding: Josh Gronitz