Custom Bikes Of The Week: 10 April, 2016

The best custom motorcycles and cafe racers of the week
A Moto Guzzi V7 inspired by Kill Bill, a Ducati 750 SS cafe racer with Monster S2R suspension, and a bike we’ve never heard of before: A Gilera Nordwest 600. It’s a bumper selection this week.

Custom Buell XB12R Firebolt
Custom Buell XB12R Firebolt Say what you will about Erik Buell’s business acumen—but there’s no denying his passion for motorcycles. Or creativity as an engineer. What he’s doing under the EBR banner is impressive, but it was the XB series bikes developed under Bar and Shield ownership that have always stood out for me. And apparently I’m not alone…

Miguel Padilla, a motorcycle enthusiast recovering from an off, decided his best therapy would be to craft an American cafe racer out of an old XB. Padilla found a wrecked Buell XB12R Firebolt and quickly went to work. The geometry of the Buell suited his tastes, so nothing was changed there—the wheels, swingarm, suspension and Zero Torsional Load brakes are all stock.

The rear subframe however, was a different story. Padilla crafted a bolt-on unit for the rear using chromoly tubing, before fitting a custom carbon fiber seat/tank/tail unit. He’s also created a custom airbox and a bespoke wiring loom, to neatly hide all things unsightly. [More, via Enginethusiast]

Custom Gilera Nordwest 600
Custom Gilera Nordwest 600 When it was introduced in 1991, the Gilera Nordwest 600 was ahead of its time. One of the first supermotos to hit the streets, it was designed to help fill the coffers for the Italian firm’s racing efforts. The 558cc thumper was powerful enough at 53 hp, but it was the Nordwest’s lightness (140 kg) and flickability that endeared it to enthusiasts. Those specs would also make it an excellent choice for a stripped down cafe racer.

Roman Studenčnik of Slovenia obviously had the same thought. And he’s gone to great lengths in building this gorgeous ‘RS03’ cafe racer. Unfettered by the original plastics, the RS03 is as minimalist as they come. The peanut-style tank, exposed triangle and revised rear subframe combine for a playful yet refined aesthetic. It helps that Roman took the time to black out all of the Gilera’s mechanicals—aside from the gold accents on the suspension and brakes, and those welded kinks on his stunning two-into-one exhaust. [More]

Ducati 750 by XTR Pepo
Ducati 750 by XTR Pepo I’m convinced that Pepo Rosell is the Stephan King of custom motorcycles. Since shuttering Radical Ducati and re-booting under the XTR banner, Rosell has cranked out thirteen builds in roughly one solar cycle. And every bike to roll out of his Madrid garage has been impressive and unique.

‘Rider’ is Pepo’s latest creation, and started life as a 1998 Ducati 750 SS ie. And in typical Rosell fashion, it was built to ride as fast as it looks. The modified subframe allows fitment of a Monster S2R swingarm and a cantilever suspension set-up. The S2R’s front end was also recycled for this ride.

The L-Twin hanging from the trellis frame was ported and blueprinted, and high compression heads were bolted on. An external high-pressure fuel pump was also fitted, to help drain the new gas tank designed in-house.

Expect to see another jaw dropper from XTR Pepo in 3, 2… [More]

Yamaha Super Téneré by MotoRè Vintage
Yamaha Super Téneré by MotoRè MotoRè is based in Rome and bills itself as a ‘recycler’ of motorcycles. Rather than splurging on freshly crafted and engineered bolt-ons, friends Alessandro Bongiovanni and Mauro Relli focus on restoring vintage parts and searching out the right pieces for a build,

Their first bike, a cafe’d Honda Dominator, won them acclaim at the 2014 Verona Motorbike Expo. But their latest creation, this revitalized Yamaha Super Téneré, looks even better. Sticking to their ethos of ‘reviving old glory from the 80s,’ MotoRè have focused on the essentials when customizing this former Dakar champion. That meant the plastics had to go—all of them—before the scrambler stance emerged.

The donor bike was stripped down completely before a new tail and hoop were grafted on, and the monoshock was upgraded. With the engine refitted, a custom exhaust was wound around it. Chunky TKC80 rubber and a set of LSL bars deliver control on the trail, and there’s a Monza-style gas cap atop the new tank. [More]

Moto Guzzi V7II by South Garage
Moto Guzzi V7II by South Garage Lord of the Bikes is a televised contest put together for Italian viewers by Moto Guzzi and Sky One. Each episode features ten teams customizing a Moto Guzzi V7II, and subject to the whims of a judging panel. The finalists eventually move on to work their magic on a new V9.

Black Cherry is an apocalypse-ready ride created by the skilled hands of South Garage Motor Co. There’s a Hattori Hanzō-inspired blade mounted to the triple trees, shuriken throwing stars stashed in the tank bag, and nunchucks in the panniers. Black Cherry is a take-no-prisoners machine designed with the discerning ninja in mind.

The Milan-based crew had Kill Bill in mind when creating this bike—specifically a third installment. It would feature Vernita ‘Copperhead’ Green’s daughter, seeking vengeance for her mother’s demise.

Everything on the build is completely reversible though, in case you need a stealthier escape. Although I’d opt to keep that Katana right where it belongs. [More]