A spectacular Monster S2R with hints of steampunk

Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations
Ah, the mighty Ducati Monster. From Miguel Galluzzi’s first design in 1993, right up to the current range, it just keeps getting better. It’s a cool ride straight out of the box, even better with a little fettling, and can be downright outrageous in the hands of the right builder.

By the right builder, we mean someone like Danilo Biello. Danilo operates Customcreations — a motorcycle garage located in the mountainous province of Isernia in central Italy. And his Monster S2R 800 is one of the most alluring examples of the model that we’ve seen.

Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations
Launched in 2004, the rather affordable Monster S2R featured Ducati’s 800cc Desmodromic motor. But the big selling point was the chassis; everything was borrowed from the top-of-the-range S4R, right down to the gorgeous single-sided swing arm. As MCN put it: “It’ll deliver more pride per pound than anything else.”

This Monster’s an ’07 model, but Danilo’s given it a far more classic vibe. “The idea was to build an almost classic café racer with solid brass details,” he tells us. “On the way this brought us, unexpectedly, to an almost steampunk flavour.”

Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations
All the bodywork you see is custom—from the racy fairing, right through to the boxy tank and tail piece. It’s all been done using 2mm thick aluminum—hand cut, bent, shaped and TIG welded.

Danilo made light mods to the frame to get everything to match up just right. But he left the suspension and brakes alone because, well, they work. The original wheels have stayed behind too, adding a modern touch to an otherwise classic machine. The stunning, two-into-two exhaust is new though.

Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations
The S2R’s new silhouette is far more sleek and stretched out than its previously stocky build. But it’s the details on this build that really kill us. Customcreations have CNC-milled many smaller parts in their shop to make sure that every single box was ticked.

The engine covers, front fender and brace, license plate bracket, and turn signals are just some of the one-off parts in the mix. Then there’s the custom headlight and taillight, with a matching grid motif that’s repeated on the new rearsets.

Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations
But it’s up top where things get really…unique. See that scoop on top of the tank? That’s functional; it sucks air and feeds it to the airbox via a channel in the tank. Look closely, and you’ll notice that the ribbed effect on top is repeated just above the taillight.

Just ahead of the scoop is a custom-built instrument cluster, containing a Motogadget speedo, the key ignition and a fat ‘Engine Start’ button. Even the switchgear, reservoirs and bar-end weights are bespoke.

Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations
Custom bike building is all about knowing when to zig and when to zag, and never is that more important than when adding brass. The line between tasteful and gaudy is very, very fine, but Danilo’s on the right side of it here.

He’s also been selective about which bits have been polished, and which have been painted. As a result, everything hangs off the Monster’s glossy new livery perfectly. Massimo Fogliazza in Acilia handled the paint, while AT Upholstery in Isernia finished the seat in leather and Alcantara.

Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations
It took Customcreations eight months to wrap up the Monster. The finishing touch: “Made upon request of…” followed by the client’s name, engraved on the sprocket cover.

Danilo really did think of everything, didn’t he?

Customcreations Facebook | Instagram | Photos by Charles Seguy

Ducati Monster S2R cafe racer by Customcreations