CAD motorcycle: Ducati S4R custom by Paolo Tesio

Ducati S4R custom by Paolo Tesio
Italian automotive designer Paolo Tesio has reworked Ducati’s iconic Monster into an even more desirable machine, transforming its looks with remarkably few modifications.

This custom is based on a Ducati S4R, which was sold between 2003 and 2008 in most markets. It was the top of the range Monster at the time, with a 996 cc motor pushing out a healthy 115 hp. The dry weight is just 181 kg (399 pounds), so there’s no shortage of performance.

Ducati S4R custom by Paolo Tesio
After extensive CAD modeling, Tesio cut back the rear subframe, designed a new seat unit, and created girder-style fork guards to slip over the 43 mm adjustable Showa front suspension.

Ducati S4R custom by Paolo Tesio
To enhance the nose-down stance, Tesio has fitted a Ducati MH900 headlight and a smaller instrument cluster. The exhaust piping now runs under the engine, accentuating the squared-off looks.

Ducati S4R custom by Paolo Tesio
The finishing touch is the paint, with a simple but effective monochrome color scheme and old-school Ducati badging. It’s hardly subtle, but it’s hugely effective—an intoxicating mix of contemporary Ducati performance and post-modern aesthetics.

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Ducati S4R custom