Greatest Hits: K-Speed’s best custom motorcycles

Top 5 K-Speed custom motorcycles
Run by the enigmatic Mr. Eak, Thailand’s K-Speed is one of the most prolific custom shops that we’ve ever had the pleasure of featuring. They build bikes at a blistering pace, often focussing on the smaller models that are more popular in Southeast Asian markets.

K-Speed is also a massive parts distributor and manufacturer, with their own ‘Diablo’ range of bolt-on bits. Few custom shops have this luxury, and K-Speed puts it to good use, often using their builds as test beds for new parts. Given the size of their portfolio, picking just five bikes was never going to be easy—but we’ve given it our best shot.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 bobber by K-Speed
Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 First up is the biggest motorcycle on this list; a wonderfully pared-back Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 bobber. K-Speed slammed and stretched the Interceptor 650 (known as the INT650 in the US) by modifying the frame and adding a handmade springer front end. A 21” front wheel radiates chopper vibes and sets the tone for the rest of the build.

Like many classic chops, there’s no front brake, with just a single disc for the 16” rear wheel. This allowed K-Speed to free up space on the custom handlebars, which wear nothing more than an internal throttle. (The clutch lever is attached to the bike’s custom-made suicide shifter.)

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 bobber by K-Speed
As with all K-Speed builds, the Interceptor is littered with Diablo parts. This includes the ribbed engine covers, taillight, side covers, and exhaust header end caps. A shiny peanut tank sits up front, with a slim solo saddle mounted at the back. Enclosed rear shocks and a short fender finish off the abbreviated tail section.

It’s long, low, heavily modified, and extremely appealing. If you can’t see yourself bobbin’ around the streets of Bangkok on this beauty, you’re lying to yourself and everyone around you. [More]

Custom Honda Super Cub 110 by K-Speed
Honda Super Cub(s) The next two bikes are perfect monochrome underbones that even Bruce Wayne would have a hard time passing on. Yes, you can still buy a new Honda Super Cub, and yes, K-Speed will sell you aftermarket parts for it.

These black and white streamliners are notable for their beautifully designed front and back fenders. K-Speed first created molds for each then produced the final parts out of ABS plastic. Together with custom wheel covers, they add visual weight to the pint-sized Super Cub and give it a fantastic art deco feel.

Custom Honda Super Cub 110 by K-Speed
Each Super Cub also sports a trimmed-down cockpit. The OEM speedo has been relocated to a Diablo housing further down, while new grips and tiny switches adorn the bars. A trimmed windshield sits up top, and the stock LED headlight has been tucked in tighter.

Finishing each Super Cub off are new side covers and a stylish leather seat. Subtler mods included lowered suspension and extended swingarms. K-Speed had originally planned to build 100 of these Super Cubs… we wonder how quickly they sold out. [More]

Gorilla Racer: A Honda Monkey 125 from K-Speed
Honda Monkey ‘Gorilla Racer’ Mr. Eak grew up riding the Honda Monkey, so he has a soft spot for this iconic mini-bike. He’s made a slew of Monkey-based customs for his friends, and K-Speed offers many Monkey parts for sale. But this custom Monkey, nicknamed ‘Gorilla Racer,’ wasn’t built for a customer—it was an in-house build used to showcase some of K-Speed’s new parts.

14” Honda Grom wheels were the first parts to go onto the Gorilla Racer, fitted with K-Speed’s signature wheel covers. The front forks were lowered, a custom fender was added, and the brakes were upgraded to Brembos.

Gorilla Racer: A Honda Monkey 125 from K-Speed
The fuel tank is just a cover, designed to make the diminutive Monkey look a lot bigger. A modified subframe sits out back, fitted with a café racer-style leather seat, a short fender, and a Bates-style taillight. Clip-ons do duty at the other end of the bike, creating a very committed riding position.

An oversized headlight adds to the visual heft, complete with an aftermarket grill. We’re fans of the Monkey’s chunky belly pan and exhaust muffler, and the moody grey paint scheme. It might be small, but it sure looks ready to rumble. [More]

Custom Yamaha XSR155 scrambler by K-Speed
Yamaha XSR155 The Yamaha XSR range is incredibly versatile, and therefore popular, all around the world. When Yamaha added the smaller XSR155 to the line-up, they asked K-Speed to modify one to mark the occasion. The crew decided to turn it into a scrambler and got to work.

K-Speed swapped the tires out for a Pirelli Scorpion STR (front) and a Motoz Tractionator (back). They then fabricated an ingenious heavy-duty crash bar setup, giving the bike a rough and rugged appearance, and making space to mount an array of LED lights. A flask now sits where the headlight used to be; we’re assuming it’s for emergency fuel, but refreshments will do just as well.

Custom Yamaha XSR155 scrambler by K-Speed
The bars are wide and clean, with the factory speedometer mounted front and center. The factory fuel tank was mostly left alone, but it did get a new coat of paint and a redesigned Yamaha logo. A custom one-into-two exhaust was fabricated and bolted on, together with a heavy-duty bash plate and wide off-road foot pegs.

The rear subframe was modified extensively so that the seat could be flat and long. What it might lack in comfort it makes up for in luggage space, thanks to a neat luggage rack that sits out back. A Diablo tail light is placed perfectly betwixt the twin mufflers, which exit up high, underneath the seat.

If the end of the world is nigh and resources are scarce, this would be the perfect vehicle for picking through the apocalyptic landscape. [More]

Custom Honda ST125 Dax by K-Speed
Honda ST125 Dax ‘Daxster’ The Honda Dax was another Honda mini-bike that Mr. Eak enjoyed in his youth. So, just like they did with the Gorilla Racer, K-Speed built this custom Honda Dax purely to showcase their talents (and parts). Injected with oodles of the shop’s signature style, it’s called the ‘Daxster.’

The Daxster sports an entirely new front end, complete with upside-down forks, and the chunkiest of tires. The handlebar setup is particularly trick; custom risers sit at a 90-degree offset, clamping individual bars that can be rotated to adjust the overall handlebar ‘bend.’ It’s a nod to the handlebar design found on the original Honda CT70 Dax from decades ago.

Custom Honda ST125 Dax by K-Speed
An LED headlight sits nice and low inside the front fork clamps, while a custom-made luggage rack is mounted to the Dax’s steel-pressed frame behind the bars. The OEM gauge cluster is now mounted on the left side of the frame.

Another luggage rack was fabricated for the rear, mounted just behind a new leather seat. A generous LED taillight is mounted between its rails. The custom exhaust is another nod to the original Dax and features a drilled heat shield to protect the rider’s leg.

Finished in matte black, the Daxster also wears a set of wheel covers, a stretched and braced swingarm, and new shocks. A side-mounted number plate bracket rounds out the build. The Dax Mr. Eak had as a kid was only a 50, so we’re sure he’s enjoying the gobs of power that this 125 cc variant has on offer. [More]

Custom Honda ST125 Dax by K-Speed