Country Cub: A DIY Honda CT125 kit from K-Speed

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed
It’s just a couple of days to Christmas—and if you still don’t know what to get yourself, maybe a kit to transform your Honda CT125 is the answer. After all, it’s been a long 365 days, and to be honest, you deserve it.

The Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is cute AF out the box, but if anyone knows how to mod the absolute daylights out of it, it’s K-Speed. This time around, they’ve used the CT125 as a test bed to develop a set of bolt-on parts, so that you can do it yourself. The only thing K-Speed doesn’t supply, are a few festive bevande to consume while you assemble your steezy steed.

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed
The transformation starts up front, with a K-Speed-designed fender and fender lift kit. This provides the necessary clearance for all the mud-slinging you’re definitely going to be doing with this thing. The fenders are available in different colors to match the CT125’s OEM colorways, and the lift kit can work with the stock fender too.

The headlight cover is included in the kit, as is the metal luggage carrier that sits above it. It’s the perfect place to stack firewood or a bag of ice for overnight camping trips. The original speedo has been relocated to the side to make room for the rack.

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed
The turn signals wear grills too, disguising them as auxiliary lights. The bars now sport a new master cylinder, grips and aluminum mirrors, all from Diablo (K-Speed’s in-house parts brand).

To keep things simple, the engine remains stock—but K-Speed provides a full high-mount exhaust system. Finished in matte black, it looks great and should be super easy to keep clean. It likely also sounds much better than the stock pipe.

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed
The literal centerpiece of the bike is the new ‘tank,’ which is actually just a fiberglass cover that sits where a traditional fuel tank would. In the Cub’s case, it’s all empty space—so K-Speed decided to take advantage of this. Hiding underneath it is a small luggage rack, adding to the CT125’s utilitarian vibe.

K-Speed admits that the cover is mostly there to change the look of the bike—and that the storage is just a bonus feature. But the design has been popular with customers so far, and we love it.

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed
Behind the ‘tank’ is a new Diablo seat that’s slimmer than stock, with upholstery that puts a fresh spin on classic diamond stitching patterns. The side cover and air filter cover are also new, as is the alloy chain guard.

To help the bike stay upright on soft surfaces, the kickstand foot has a CNC extension bolted on. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest mods to make to any adventure bike, so it’s great that the team at K-Speed has an eye for little details like this.

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed
Finally, a new luggage rack sits out back. Painted black and made of tubular steel, it not only looks better than the pressed-steel original, but would likely be more sturdy too. So it’s perfect for hauling all kinds of inappropriately large items from Home Depot.

The tail light and rear turn signals also get their own covers to match the front lighting. And a new pair of rear shock absorbers, complete with preload, length and rebound adjustment, offer a substantial upgrade over the original suspension.

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed
The crash bars, skid plate and engine side cases are also included, painted black to match the other Diablo parts. And if you’re a bit shy on the tools, K-Speed have you covered here as well. This kit is completely plug-and-play, with no cutting, welding or frame modifications required.

K-Speed lists the 18-piece kit for 47,379 Thai Baht, which converts to $1,362, excluding shipping. That’s a lot of boom for your moose. And if you don’t want to go all-in, you can buy the individual parts separately too.

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed
With the Country Cub you’re not going to go fast, and you can’t really go that far. But wherever you do go, you know you’ll look damn good.

Go ahead… treat yourself.

K-Speed | Instagram | Images by Hipmotography

Custom Honda CT125 kit by K-Speed