Here Comes Royal Enfield: Analog’s custom Continental

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
Royal Enfield is making a big play for the US market. They’ve just set up their headquarters in Milwaukee, down the road from that other maker of vintage-themed motorcycles.

They’re also giving bikes to a few select builders to customize. And wisely, they’ve put Tony Prust of Analog Motorcycles on the list. (“Probably because I am pretty close to Milwaukee,” says Tony drily.)

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
A 2014-spec Continental GT duly rolled up to Tony’s workshop. There were no constraints on the build, except time: it had to be finished within six weeks for the Mama Tried show.

“It had the already stylish ‘cafe racer’ look to it,” says Tony. “And I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So I took it for a spin.”

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
Despite the racy looks, this Royal Enfield is not a quick bike. “It’d be great in the city, or for a newer rider, but I’m not a new rider,” says Tony. “I was impressed with the torque though, as one should be with a half-liter single. I also assumed there might be a little more hiding in there somewhere…”

Tony decided to play to the Continental GT’s strengths, rather than concern himself with outright speed. He flirted with the idea of a dirt bike or scrambler, and then remembered that there’s an ice-riding event at the Mama Tried show.

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
“I decided to build a scrambler-style bike, but lace up another set of wheels and mount studded tires for the ice.” Boom—the plan was set.

The lines of the stock tank are good, so Tony left it alone and started on the geometry. “I lifted up the front end, so the forks sit at the top of the top triple. Then I modified the triple to house a set of risers and Moose Racing aluminum bars.”

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
That added nearly two inches of lift, so Tony lifted the rear by 1.5 inches to match. After measuring everything up, he sent the forks to Race Tech for fettling, and ordered G3-S custom shocks for the back. “This is now probably the best handling Royal Enfield on the planet.”

For road use, there’s a set of Continental TKC80 tires on the stock Excel aluminum rims, which Tony got powder coated. He’s dropped the passenger foot pegs though, fitting a new solo seat pan into the modified subframe, which now sports a custom fender.

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
Throughout the whole process, Tony was torn between trying to get more out of the fuel injection system—or ditching it and running a carburetor. In true Analog style, he’s ditched the EFI and fitted an Amal carb conversion from Hitchcocks Motorcycles.

“While I was at it, I also ordered their performance cams, valve springs and CDI box. In order to make it all work, it need the stator from the India-market carbureted model—so they sent me one of those too.”

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
“Then I called up Cone Engineering and we chatted about some exhaust solutions. I wanted to build a high mount exhaust system to look like a straight pipe, but have some muffling.” Cone sent through the components, and Tony built it up.

For lighting there’s an aftermarket 4.5-inch headlight, and a new version of Analog’s popular ‘Revolver’ taillight. Called the Reverse Bates, it’ll be up for sale soon—along with the mini LED ‘Bolt’ turn signals used front and rear.

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
The speedo is a Koso DB01r: “Nice and discreet and a breeze to wire and program.” A Biltwell Whiskey Throttle handles the braap and the grips are Lowbrow Customs’ classic GT Grips in oxblood red.

The grips ended up driving the whole color scheme, with matching material used for the seat and bar wrap.

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
Kiel’s Kustoms are Tony’s go-to guys for paint, and for this build they’ve shot a low-key mix of grey and silver—leaving the leather and rubber to provide the visual highlights.

A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles
“This was probably the quickest turn-around on a build of this level I’ve ever done,” Tony reports. “It’s still really cold here and the roads are full of salt, so the only testing I have done is up and down the shop road. It is seat-of-the-pants faster, and will send a wheelie up no problem now!”

Come spring, the ‘Royal Scrambler’ is going to hit the dirt. If you want to catch it in the metal, head out to the famous Motos in Moab meet in May.

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A custom Royal Enfield scrambler by Analog Motorcycles

Build sheet

Race Tech rebuilt forks with gold valve emulators and springs
Race Tech G3-S Shocks
Modified sub-frame
Continental TKC 80 Tires
Aftermarket chain tensioner
Lifted about 1.5” suspension and 1″ tire side wall
Modified and milled top trip tailored for handle bar mounts
Moose Racing aluminum bars

Full carb conversion to Amal 932
Hitchcocks Performance Cams
Hitchcocks Performance Valve Springs
Custom exhaust made in house with Cone Engineering parts
Custom made and drilled heat shield
Engine treated to some wrinkle black powder coating
K & N Filter
All engine work by Moto and Motor

AMG Billet Tank Emblems, Pegs and Heel Guards
AMG Reverse Bates LED Taillight
AMG LED Mini Bolt Signals
Custom made battery tray
Custom made rear fender
Custom made seat pan with upholstery by Dave Purney
Paint by Kiel’s Kustoms
Pin striping by Brando
Custom made headlight bracket and aftermarket headlight

Moto Gadget M-unit and M-button
Motone Switches (by Motone)
Additional wheels laced up with ice riding tires
Lowbrow Customs Grips
EarthX Battery
Nissin Front Master Cylinder with quick release caliper
HEL Brake Lines
Koso Speedometer