Top 5 Honda Super Cub, Monkey and Dax customs

Top 5 Honda Super Cub, Monkey and Dax customs
We’re firm believers that small bikes equal big fun. And we’re not alone. Just look at the humble Honda Super Cub—it might be small, but it’s the most produced motor vehicle ever, with well over 100 million sold worldwide.

Honda has more skin in the mini moto game than most. Over the years, the Super Cub has shared the limelight with other pint-sized legends, like the CT125 ‘Postie’ bike, Grom, Monkey and Dax. And each of those has found their place in the custom scene, too.

We’ve rounded up our five favorite custom Honda mini motos for your viewing pleasure. Our list includes two Cubs, two Monkeys and a Dax. Bon appétit!

Honda Super Cub by K-Speed Has anyone built more custom Honda Super Cubs than K-Speed? We don’t think so. The Thailand-based powerhouse is exceedingly prolific; it helps that they’re a major importer and manufacturer of custom parts, too. Most of their builds are either draped in items from their own ‘Diablo’ range, or act as test beds for new parts.

It’s hard to pick a favorite Super Cub from K-Speed (they’ve built so many), but this particular design stands out. The shop took a pair of 2022-model Honda Super Cub 110i donors, and turned them into little art deco masterpieces.

Finished in all-black and all-white, both Super Cubs wear identical bodywork. The wheels wear covers and sit under generous ABS plastic fenders, the headlights have been relocated lower down than stock, and both bikes wear new handlebars with custom enclosures.

Each also wears new grips, ribbed side covers, a custom seat and a Diablo exhaust muffler. K-Speed also modified their subframes, and extended their swingarms. So although they wear a lot of bolt-on parts, these stylish scooters are far from plug-and-play. [More]

Honda Cub by 2LOUD Custom Max Yicheng of 2LOUD Custom has worked on all sorts of bikes, big and small—and his work always impresses. This city-slicking Honda Cub was built for a close friend, and remains one of our favorite custom mopeds to date.

Max’s first job was to swap the pint-sized 80 cc motor out for a 190 cc Zongshen mill, equipped with a Keihin CVK30 carb. The frame was tweaked to accept the new engine, and to convert it to a hardtail setup. The forks from a SYM Wolf sit up front, and the Cub rolls on 18F/17R wheels.

The setup is far from standard though. Max converted the fork to a single crown affair, added a mountain bike’s steering stem, and fabricated custom bars with an integrated luggage rack. Upgrades include a Frando front brake, Frando levers and a hydraulic clutch conversion.

But it’s the little details that really sing on this build. There’s the two-tone leather seat, the elegant polished hinges that it mounts to, and the always-accessible fuel filler neck. All work in harmony to create the most charming of grocery-getters. [More]

Custom Honda Monkey by Kingston
Honda Monkey by Kingston Custom The Glemseck 101 festival in Germany is an event known for power and speed. But when Honda Germany wanted to make a splash at Glemseck a few years ago, they picked an unlikely candidate for a custom project; the 125 cc Monkey. After all, there’s no replacement for displacement—or, in this case, a lack thereof.

Luckily Honda Germany had one of the country’s most prominent custom bike builders in their corner. Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Custom, best known for his high-end BMW builds, was tasked with customizing the pocket-sized Monkey. And he knocked it out the park, with a uber-tidy scrambler that tips its hat to Honda’s heritage.

Custom Honda Monkey by Kingston
Dirk started by throwing on some parts that were taking up space on his workshop shelves—like the handlebars and foot pegs. Then he upgraded the fork internals, and mounted a set of new YSS shocks at the back. A set of custom side number boards added some vintage race style, while a modified Kepspeed exhaust gave the Monkey a louder bark.

Sitting somewhere between a 70s pit bike and the world’s cutest flat tracker, Kingston’s Honda Monkey looks flawless in the brand’s traditional red, blue and white racing colors. A chunky seat and abbreviated subframe finish it off. [More]

Custom Honda Monkey by Bunker Custom Cycles
Honda Monkey by Bunker Custom Cycles Istanbul’s Bunker Custom Cycles has a style that’s easy to recognize. Their builds are perfectly proportioned, and wrapped in ultra-classy liveries. But does that vibe suit the Honda Monkey? Oh yes indeed.

The brothers behind Bunker, Mert and Can Uzer, customized the Monkey for a client that bought it to take it along on his boat, but wanted a look that was more classic. They started by modifying its stance, by way of a lowering kit and new rear shocks from Racingbros in Taiwan. A pair of 12” spoked wheels completed the rolling chassis.

Custom Honda Monkey by Bunker Custom Cycles
Other mods include clip-on bars that sit on a special bolt-on clamp, and smaller mirrors. There’s leather on the seat and custom side bags, with aluminum fenders at both ends. The headlight wears a protective grill, and sits closer to the bike now, courtesy of shorter mounting brackets.

But the real gem is the ‘Gorilla’ tank graphic. Bunker pulled in a local illustrator to design it, and to apply it by hand. It’s one of the raddest graphics we’ve seen—on any size bike. [More]

Custom Honda Dax by Zambrag Garage
Honda Dax by Zambrag Garage We don’t see enough Honda Dax customs. There are probably tons of them out there—but we don’t see them, and more’s the pity.

This cheeky little number comes all the way from Bali. It’s the work of Zambrag Garage, who built it with a mix of Super Cub and Dax parts, and dubbed it the ‘Lil’ Pussy Chopper.’

Custom Honda Dax by Zambrag Garage
The engine’s from a 1966 Honda C100, wedged into a modified Honda Dax frame. A new fuel cell sits inside the stamped frame, with a custom-built girder fork propping up the front. The front wheel’s a brakeless 17” item, while a 10” wheel from a vintage two-stroke Suzuki automobile sits at the back. There are no rear shocks—just a pair of rigid struts.

Covered in an eye-popping paint job, with white accents on the grips and seats, this Dax chopper is totally bagus. We’d ride it… would you? [More]

Custom Honda Dax by Zambrag Garage