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Triumph Bonneville concept

Triumph Bonneville concept by Dan Anderson Design
Dan Anderson is an Australian industrial designer who, in his own words, is “nuts about bikes”. His Voltra electric sportsbike concept has been attracting attention on the interwebs, but this latest concept is the one we’d rather have in the Bike EXIF garage. It’s a stripped-down, bobber-influenced Bonneville derivative that could be produced by Triumph with relatively little fuss. The frame is untouched but the rear end is reworked to great effect, with a bobbed fender and truncated seat pan. At the front, dropped bars and chunkier tires lower the visual center of gravity. The exhaust system is similar to that of the 2010 production Bonneville T100, but running both pipes on the same side gives the machine a much sportier look. It’s surprising how relatively small changes can have such a big impact, and it’d be fairly easy for mechanically-minded Bonnie riders to recreate this look for their own bikes. Any Triumph owners out there feeling inspired?

  • holy hell, this is great!!!

  • James

    That does look fantastic! That picture has joined the others of inspiring bikes for when I mod my own T100. Not sure how the wife would feel about no pillion seat though :)

  • I’m not a Triumph owner but this bike is inspirational. Love the monochromatic look.

  • Peter

    Difficult to believe…that this was designed by the same man who gave the world the orange electric suspension bridge, better known as the Voltra. Nice looking bike but I wouldn’t like to shove it into a tight bend on those tyres.

  • lilbear68

    triumph, what a piece of crap, it died once they shoulda a left it burried
    had 1 that broke while it was parked in the drive way after a night of runnin
    just goes to show ya that no matter how crappy something is some 1 some where will love it and want to buy it

  • Genaro Esparragoza

    que chingoneria de moto, where can i find more pics of that beauty?

  • tinker

    so lilbear, when did you have one? in 1976? the new triumphs are excellent. if you’d ridden one you might be a bit more enthusiastic about them. these bonnies might not be powerhouses, but they certainly are a reliable and stylish way to get around town. to each his own.

  • Shawn

    goggle “bobber dave”. Its already been done by the custom guys sans mufflers

  • Andrew

    Build those pipes, I for one would buy them….if reasonably priced

  • will

    need more angles for further comment but a definate improvement over the conservative stock styling

  • Love it. I’d buy one tomorrow. Triumph ‘Build it, and they will come (& buy)’

    (Lilbear probably owned a late 60’s/70’s Triumph? … the same could be said about the dubious nature of 80s and 90s Ducati electrics, or bodywork on 70s Italian cars … They’re all alive & kicking and better than ever!)

  • Tom Bloss

    Is this a drawing, or a photoshop creation, or a real bike?

    • It’s a Photoshop illustration I think—but it wouldn’t take much to create the ‘real thing’.

  • Steve

    it’s weird and stupid looking with the back end cut off like that. Totally unbalanced in design !

  • shep

    I guess I must be the one of the few who reckons it looks stupid. Bobbers, like choppers, are quickly becoming boring.

  • One of my must have bikes – Triumph

  • Andy

    I want those tires for my bonneville. Anyone know who might manufacture something like that?

  • bill rowe

    just looks kind of harley-ish to me and the other side probably looks darned odd.

  • Facebook User

    does cutting half the saddle off a pretty standard bonnie make it a concept?

  • Demarco

    Triumph lives today as it always did, great machine and always will be!

  • nate

    i own a 07 bonneville and am looking to do this to my bike, im just having trouble finding a seat that would fit. anyone know where i could find one?