Custom Bikes Of The Week: 12 April, 2020

The best cafe racers, custom kits and electric bikes from around the web
A new limited production BMW R NineT from Germany, a slammed Sportster built by two of Jakarta’s top custom shops, and a slick new electric bike from the Swedish manufacturer CAKE. If we could put them all in our garage, we would.

Custom Sportster 883 by Newline SC and Garasi 19
Custom Sportster 883 by Newline SC and Garasi 19 It takes a very special Sportster custom to wow us these days, but this machine from two Jakarta workshops did the trick. It’s called ‘The Parama,’ it’s based on a 2003 Sportster 883 Anniversary, and it’s a collaboration between Dickson Will of Newline SC and Andre Tenardi of Garasi 19.

Custom Sportster 883 by Newline SC and Garasi 19
Stance is always the hardest thing to get right on a Sportster with café pretensions, but these guys have nailed it. We’re guessing the forks have been lowered a little in the custom cnc’d clamps, and there are new Burly shocks at the back. Chunky Coker tires fill in the visual gaps.

The monocoque-style bodywork is actually in two sections, but the flow is beautifully judged and gives the Sportster a compact, streamlined vibe. There’s a diamond-stitched black seat pad from the West Java leather specialist Tegep Boots and the tail unit is finished off with a discreet bar of LEDs.

Custom Sportster 883 by Newline SC and Garasi 19
The engine cases have been powder coated black, but the rocker boxes have been given a contrasting bronze anodized finish—the only real hint of color on the entire machine. Less obvious is a full complement of Motogadget tech, including a new speedo, turn signals, grips and switches.

‘The Parama’ could so easily have been a Frankenstein bike designed by a committee, but Newline SC and Garasi 19 obviously work well together. The judges at the huge Kustomfest show thought so too, awarding this Harley second place in the American category. [Images by Dickson Will]

BMW R nineT cafe racer by Hookie Co
‘Cobra’ BMW R nineT by Hookie We’re not generally into computer renders here, however sweet they may look. But when a major shop like Hookie Co. signals the release of a new model, it’s worth taking note.

Cobra’ is based on the current model R nineT and these computer-generated images show the kit that the Dresden workshop is developing. It’s not Hookie’s first modified R nineT: we loved their retro/classic take on the model a couple of years ago.

BMW R nineT cafe racer by Hookie Co
This time around, the vibe is much more modern, with angular lines and a dead straight top frame rail. The tank is chiseled, putting a 21st century spin on the style of vintage Heinrich and Hoske tanks.

There’s a knurled fuel cap atop the tank, which segues into a waspish seat unit with a new pad that’s a rider-friendly 805mm off the ground. The front wheel is shrouded by a sportbike-style fender.

BMW R nineT cafe racer by Hookie Co
Aside from the full custom bodywork, the engine gets a new intake system with pod filters and a slimline, blacked-out custom exhaust system. Lighting the way up front is a Koso Thunderbolt LED headlight set into a custom cowl.

Hookie have defined five initial styles in the first release, and the first bike (‘Toxic Red,’ above) is already reserved. If your appetite is whetted, you’ll need to find €34,900 (US$38,000), which includes the cost of a brand new BMW R nineT. [Hookie]

Custom Honda CB750 Nighthawk by FingersCrossed Moto
Honda CB750 by FingersCrossed Moto We reckon small community garages are going to see an uptick in these uncertain times. FingersCrossed Moto is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and their CB750 is a carefully crafted 1999 Nighthawk that tested the resolve of the three garage founders.

Custom Honda CB750 Nighthawk by FingersCrossed Moto
The problems started when the idea of mating a Honda VFR800 swingarm to the stock frame turned out to be … not such a good idea. But after the guys rebuilt the back end of the CB, everything else started to fall into place.

A GSX-R600 front end was slotted in, and the engine was juiced up with a set of custom-tuned Mikuni carbs and an aftermarket exhaust system with a custom-built muffler.

Custom Honda CB750 Nighthawk by FingersCrossed Moto
There’s a new seat on top of the flattened subframe, and multiple other custom parts finished to OEM level—like the side covers, headlight mount, and chainguard. It’s all finished off with a lovely lick of Honda’s classic ‘Desert Silver’ metallic paint.

The start might have been troubled, but the result was worth it. Here’s to seeing more builds from the smaller community shops. [More]

The new CAKE Kalk INK SL
The new CAKE Kalk INK SL We’re fans of the electric bikes from the Swedish manufacturer CAKE, despite the weird naming and slightly confusing model lineup. The styling is quirky yet appealing, and the specs are good.

This new INK SL model is CAKE’s latest street-legal bike and is based on the range-topping $14,000 KALK&. It’ll be priced at a more tolerable $10,500 though—thanks to slightly different components and a simpler rear suspension setup.

The new CAKE Kalk INK SL
The stats for the INK SL suggest it will be a very accomplished commuter bike. Dry weight is a mere 82 kg (169 lbs), and top speed is a smidge over 90 kph (56 mph). Range is certified at 86 km (53 miles), which is plenty for most urban commutes.

The battery is a 50Ah unit and it can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours. There are several riding modes too, from a leisurely ‘Explore’ setting, giving up to four hours of range, which drops to one hour in the full-on ‘Excel’ track and race mode.

The new CAKE Kalk INK SL
The hardware is all high quality, with 6061 aluminium everywhere, motorcross-spec suspension, four-piston brakes, and aerospace-grade 7050 aluminum bars. Forged aluminum 19-inch wheels are shod with dual sport moto rubber.

CAKE operates on a direct-to-consumer sales model, and worldwide delivery of the INK SL is due to start in July. Bikes will be shipped from the closest warehouse, which is Utah in the USA or Rotterdam in Europe. [CAKE]