Shakespearean: 7 Ages’ Harley Street Bob

7 Ages Hamlet Tracker custom motorcycle
We don’t see many British custom motorcycles in the American style. Most builders focus on local iron such as Triumphs and Nortons. But a few take the road less travelled, and one such man is Ian Solley of 7 Ages.

His Hamlet Tracker is based on a 2009 Harley Street Bob, but with a custom 7 Ages rigid frame. That sinuous exhaust and most of the body parts are one-off custom pieces, and the engine is fed by an S&S carb. Solley describes the 7 Ages style as “Clean and simple, old school with some modern touches. Hand built frames and sheet metal, and the best operational components for looks and reliability.”

Looks like he’s on the right track—and if you’re wondering about the Hamlet link, Solley’s wife is doing a Masters in Shakespeare Studies. On the tank of this bike is a quote from Scene II of Hamlet: “A King of Infinite Space”.